Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Little Get To Know Me...

I've seen loaaaaaads of these 20 facts about me posts, and seeing as I'm currently an hour into my 12 hour shift I thought I'd just about manage to get a quick post in before the Sunday lunch rush begins. So without further ado...

1. I'm a Writing Fashion and Culture student at Southampton Solent University with hopes of one day becoming a columnist in New York City! (Very Sex and the City I know!)

2. I have a 6 month old BEAUTIFUL baby sister who is constantly mistaken for my own child rather than that of my mothers.

(She is gonna be a little heartbreaker one day. My beautiful big eyed Libby Lou)

3. I'm a compulsive shopaholic. I genuinely think I have a problem. Six days into my February spending ban and I failed. Nightmare, both for my overflowing closet and my bank basked!

4. My Grandad was the Major of our hometown for a year when I was 9 years old and we got our own chauffeur and free trips to the theatre and circus. Loving life!

5. I'm an absolute theatre geek, I want to see everything in the West End. I think when I go to see Les Mis for my 21st I may pass our with joy.

6. I originally started blogging as it was compulsory for my course and I was so reluctant. But two years on I'm really getting into it and loving it and the people I'm meeting through it.

7. I adore macaroni cheese. I could literally live off it at uni. That and Philadelphia on crisp breads. Such a healthy diet...

8. I annoy all my friends by taking pictures of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that we do! Instagram definitely hasn't helped this matter. I just love pictures, they're memories you can have forever. Just love it.

*Best of Freshers 2012*

9. I'm getting back into reading books again now. I'm one of those typical girls who loves a good old romantic book. And Harry Potter of course.

10. Speaking of which, I LOVE Harry Potter! Mum is taking me to the Harry Potter studio tour in the Easter Break - best Christmas present ever!

11. I think if I had the chance to rewind time and restart uni I think I'd actually do law rather than journalism. I loved my media law module last year, and I am thinking about looking into court reporting after uni. Mainly cus I'm nosy and I find it ridiculously interesting.

12. I really really REALLY hate horror films but I still end up wanting to watch them, hiding under the duvet for the majority of the time and then not being able to sleep for the next two weeks. Paranormal Activity nearly ruined my life.

13. I can sleep absolutely anywhere. There are so many pictures from my holiday with my friends last year of my sleeping. On the floor by the pool, the car, the plane, the sunbed. Everywhere. I just adore sleeping. Though now starting to share a room with my 6 month old sister, I see my sleep slowly dwindling.

*Sleeping in the sun is the best!*

14. Tea and Lipton peach ice tea. My two favourite drinks. I can't function throughout the day if I haven't had my morning tea. Milk and two sugars. Perfect start to the day.

15. I am the newly appointed bar lady at my job at a hotel, and I bloody love it. Definitely preferable to waitressing. As the only female behind the bar, the regulars love it and I have become a fan of kronenberg shandys. Yum.

*My very 'attractive' uniform and reindeer ears I had to wear in the festive month*

16. On the mention of alcohol, I'm definitely a wine girl. I adore White Zinfandel rose, my absolute favourite. Hate white wine, slowly getting into red, but nothing can beat an ice cold glass of rose after a long day.

17. I passed my driving test in September 2010. Didn't get a car until April 2012. Wrote it off on July 13th 2012, a Friday - so definitely unlucky for me. Got a new car in August, scraped it on some bollards two days later. I still maintain I'm a good driver. I passed with only two minors, I must be!

18. I have never fake tanned in my life. Despite having skin that makes people mistake me for an albino, I just cannot be bothered with the hassle. It smells, it gets absolutely everywhere, and then when it rains (which is 99.9% of the time here) it runs everywhere and goes streaky. No thank you, il stick with being a pale one

19. I was part of a dance school since the age of three years old.Ballet, tap, modern and jazz. Done lots of shows, passed lots of exams, and I really wish I'd pursued it more. My Great Grandad and my Grandad were professional dancers and performers back in their hay day so I wish I could have carried that on, but uni put pay to that.

*I'm the one kneeling down on the left. Aged about five. Awh*

20. Finally, on a rather random note, I love to rap. Not in public, no no, but in the comfort of my own home and messing around with friends I love it. I seem to have a knack to be able to speak really fast and so on rap. Look at me now being my first proper learn. I just find it hilariously fun. "Thrift Shop" is my current love. Have a listen, it's got such a catchy beat you'll definitely be playing it on a loop!

So I hope you've enjoyed having a little nose, I know I have with other people's posts. Sorry about the funny layout, as I've said I'm quickly doing this at work on my phone, il edit it all tomorrow when I finally get an evening off! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, and not getting snowed in!

We all love a good selfie, so thought I'd add this in at the end. Much love!


  1. Ditto to 14, I love ice tea especially in the summer. You look so pretty in your picture x

  2. I knew these things already because I'm great.

    Love you Louby


    1. Indeed you are!
      Franny you're only two posts in and I love your blog already! Why didn't you start this aaaaages ago!?!
      Lots of love xxx

  3. our facts are really quite similar lol :)

    1. So they are! And I've seen some of yours I should have included, I have tattoos also! Love the one on your back, beautiful!