Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Splash of Red...

I saw this dress on a girl on a night out in Southampton last week, and I instantly knew I had to have it. I love the casual, oversized style of it and think it would be absolutely perfect come day or night. I'm trying to be better by purchasing more things that I can bring over from an evening look, to be worn on the everyday occassion - so this would be ideal. I love this style me up piece, and it's giving me EVEN MORE of a reason to purchase these beautiful shoes...

So the dress, the whole reason for it's piece. As I've already mentioned, I love the shape. By day just chuck on a leather jacket and ankle boots, and you're good to go - evening; heels and belt - boom, done. Just so easy to style. Plus it hits the monochrome trend right on the head. Well done Topshop, once again you have made me spend yet more money when I'm trying to be good!

The shoes I just adore. I've been lusting after them in black for a good couple of months, then I spotted the blue which I fell a little bit in love with, and now the red. It's a never ending circle of shoe love. I want, I need, I get. I simply cannot afford/allow myself to buy all three! But the simple straps, and the thickness of the heel is perfect for Bambi like me, and at £55 they're a pretty reasonable buy for Topshop heels. Anyone think these are better to ask for than Easter eggs...?

This is a wee bit of a Topshop based post what with three of the five items originating from there - but just browsing through the site there is so much brilliant stuff! This clutch bag is a little overpriced at £48 but it is exactly what I was looking for for this look. Simple black clutch, with some small gold detail, and big enough to pack in the essentials for a night out. Plus being a Topshop product you know it's made of sturdy stuff so will be well worth the money. 

To tie in the shoes with the outfit, and do the standard Louise 'must-have' cinch in at the waist I had to get this thin patent red belt from the lovely ASOS. ASOS is another site that is just throwing out incredible products at the moment - it is always a go to for my nights out, and it's accessories are brilliant. Such good prices, as you can see with this belt for just £6 - and there's an array of colours, so I shall definitely be stocking up. You can't have too many belts aye!

And lastly the gorgeous Michael Kors watch. I picked this up for myself just over a year ago in America and I literally wear it everyday. But sometimes it is just ideal to put on for a night out when an armful of jewellery isn't necessary. It keeps the ensemble simple but adding a bit of sparkle. Perfect.

So there you have it. I'm loving doing these style me up pieces, so if anyone is looking at a particular item of clothing and is intrigried on how to style it a little different please get in contact with me as I'd love to give it a go. But for now, I'm off to do a nice 13 hour shift before 10 much needed days off. So enjoy your Sunday and the beautiful weather outside, think of me cooped up behind the bar all day...


  1. The dress is gorgeous and with those I'm loving the Monochrome trend ATM. Lovely post x

    1. I love it so much! All my fingers are crossed that its in stock when I get back to Southampton tomorrow!

      Thank you lovely xxx