Monday, 25 February 2013

Bright and Bold...

A complete contrast with the much sought after monochrome look, the neon trend is in full effect right now. Everywhere you look you can find a nice bright coloured item to adorn yourselves with, just in time for the approaching early summer that I'm really hoping we are going to have. It's a bold look, but extremely wearable, and there is a shade to suit everyones likes. Personally, I'm loving the lime green. Bright oranges and pinks clash just a wee bit with my hair so limes and yellows are where it's at for me - and here and my favourites!

This Topshop jumper is the perfect shade of green, I absolutely love it. Bright colours for me are always a bit of a risk with my purple/pink hair, but somehow this just seems to work. I love the thick knit of it, and the crop cut is so easy to throw on with a skater skirt, or some disco pants. Easy peasy, nice and casual, but a bold statement. 

River Island is my go to store for handbags. They are always made really well so are extremely long lasting, and they have such an array of styles that it is hard to pick just one. I think that I would probably use this across body bag as a clutch by detaching the strap. It's more of a night out bag in my opinion, although could be quite nice in the summer with a cute dress. It is a decent size, enough so to fit all the essentials in, and a pretty reasonable price at under £20.

I'm really anticipating the hot weather arriving with these awesome studded sandals. These would team up perfect with a cute cream summer dress and the featured RI bag. Obviously the studs made these bad boys jump out the page at me, but these kind of sandals are so comfortable and will be perfect for those summery days - you'll definitely stand out from the crowd.

ASOS always have cute jewellery, and this ring is so cute, AND in the sale! I love the rose gold tone to the outer edges of the ring, and the neon green in the centre would work well to pull in say a pair of neon shoes or handbag. 

I've had my eye on this top on Missguided for ages, and when finding items to include in this post today I found myself wondering why i still haven't bought it! It is under £15, and even less with student discount, is a lovely colour, and the belt would be brilliant for so many outfits that I already own - SOLD! I'm not normally a fan of strapless tops, but now I have long hair my shoulders would be more or less covered so it's all dandy. 

Are any of you sporting the neon trend at the moment? What are your favourite pieces?

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