Friday, 22 February 2013

RiRi For MAC...

With existing collaborations with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Lady GaGa, it is no surprise that the next announced collab would be with a pretty big celeb - and not to disappoint, make up giant MAC announced it is teaming up with Rihanna for a series of collections over 2013. Though not to be confused with previously celebrity collaborations, this is said to be more of a 'relationship', and MAC directors are referring to RiRi as a 'creative partner' rather than a collaborator. The singing sensation with be joining MAC in releasing four collections over 2013, though one product in particular is creating a bit of a stir in the beauty blogging world. 

It is reported that the first product to be launched in the collaboration will be named RiRi Woo - an adapted version of MAC's current lipstick Ruby Woo which is said to be Rihanna's favourite red shade. RiRi Woo is described as a blue-red and retro matte with a moisturising finish that works on every skin tone.

The lipstick which is said to be sold with all four collections, will be released during Rihanna's Diamonds Tour concerts at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, on May 4th and 5th. MAC will open a pop-up shop on location to promote the release. But for those not lucky enough to attend, you will be able to get your hands on the sought after lippy online at 

The Grammy award winner said: ""When you think of makeup, the brand that pops into your mind - for something legit - is MAC. Whatever colour you want, it's like 'Let's go to MAC. I've been using MAC on tour for such a long time it was a natural fit for me. I have always loved makeup, and I always said that if I do it, I want to do it with a credible brand."

Personally I think that the rose gold packaging, with pink toned plastic, and the Rihanna scribbles over looks a wee bit tacky - however, the shades of eye shadow look pretty good, and I'm loving the shade of the deep purple almost black lipstick, and bright red gloss; so maybe I could get over the garish packaging. After her disappointing show for River Island at London Fashion Week, here's hoping that this will be a slightly better venture for her. But regardless, it is MAC, so we all know it will sell out, and in no doubt record time.

What are you all thinking about this 'relationship'? Are you a fan or will you be steering clear of these collections? Hope you're all looking forward to the weekend. Think of me sat at home drowning in my uni work on my weekend of work, when I should be out partying. Oh the perils of being a third year journalism student. 

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  1. i am looking forward to this collection, but i agree that the writing on the front looks a little tacky xx