Monday, 18 March 2013

A Little Trip Up North...

So I haven't managed to post this weekend - apologies, but I have a good reason, I promise! Last week it was my friends 21st birthday, and to really celebrate, as well as just going out in Southampton like usual we decided to venture a little out of our norm and make a little trip to Birmingham. Oh the fun.

It was absolutely ace, had so so much fun. Our hotel was on Broad Street so right in the centre of all the fun and so convenient for rolling in at a ridiculous hour of the morning, kebab in one hand, and dignity in the other. We took a trip to a couple of bars, then a couple of small clubs, ending in Gatecrasher - which was awesome by the way! I thought Oceana had a lot of rooms but man this place was a complete maze! So here are a few piccies of the fun, and back to posting as usual tomorrow...

Standard Mirror Pose

My innovative idea to keep our wine cold with no fridge access

All the girls together

Youngest and the oldest (Sorry Kayleigh)

Little lift picture

The Sambuca Queens of the night. 

The boys toilet sign that I clearly found really amusing after said Sambucas.

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