Saturday, 23 March 2013

Keep Warm, Carry On Baking...

So yesterday was day one of the #TwoWeekChallenge and I actually got through the day without dying of starvation or exhaustion - who would have thought it? Two abs exercises and no carbs. Done. Trying to get less than two sugars in my tea is just never going to happen, it is a never ending battle.

But before this healthy kick began me and Mum did a bit of baking. My family love baking - cakes in particular, and my Mum is just incredible. We've had this recipe book from when I was a little girl and it's still going now. Near on impossible to find the recipe you are looking for in under 10 minutes, and my Stepdad does not understand our lack of organisation - but it's cute, it's got clippings from all over the place, and it's unique. We love it.

Inside it's hundreds of pages is one of my favourite recipes - my Mum's orange drizzle cake. Put it this week, between the 5 of us we ate the whole thing in just over 24 hours!!! So so good. So I thought I'd share the recipe with you to try out for yourselves. There really isn't anything better to do on this horribly snowy day, so why not do a bit of baking and sit on the sofa in your jim jams whilst stuffing your face and watching a film. Just how I'd spend my day if work didn't exist! So here goes...

Mix together melted butter, orange juice, sugar, eggs and sifted flour (bit by bit)

Pour into a deep tin and bake for 45 to 55 minutes at 190

The top should look nice and crusty, though the cake inside is really dense (perfect)

Mix up icing sugar and orange juice for the 'drizzle' topping

Pour mixture over cake, ensuring to get all round the edges and in the gaps.

You should end up with a yummy looking glaze like this - best to eat hot with a nice cold glass of milk. My favourite!

Give it a go - so easy to make and really really yummy, just ignore the calorie content... Keep your eyes peeled for a couple more cakey ideas next week that seem to have been taking the country by storm. It is easter after all so chocolatey cakey bits are a must!

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