Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Body Shop Haul...

I'm still doing well with my March spending ban - not one single item of clothing, or shoes, or accessories have been purchased, so I am rather proud of myself! However, when an email from the Body Shop dropped into my inbox I had to take a look. I have such sensitive skin, and the Body Shop caters perfectly to that, so when I saw that they were offering 40% off everything online I had to stock up on some goodies - with that kind of saving can you afford not to!?

This rainforest moisture tester was thrown in as a little freebie and I'm actually quite intrigued to try it out - though I'm not entirely sure it will work with my hair type. It says it is for dry hair which mine isn't really - mine tends to get quite greasy quite quickly, so I might just try it on the ends to keep them healthy and nourished.

I'm a big fan of the vitamin E facial wash for taking off my make up so it makes sense to try the other items in the range. It makes my skin so soft and has cleared up my blemishes no end. I've seen the facial oil raved about for sorting out those annoying dry spots, which I definitely need in this horrible weather. Apparently it works well underneath foundation to stop it sticking to the dry spots so I'm looking forward to seeing the effects. The buffer sponge and cream exfoliator should help my skin be soft and nourished in no time!

I really needed a good pencil sharpener for my eyeliner - I'm forever ruining them by using rubbish sharpeners and blunting them and just generally breaking all the lead. I've already given this a go today and it is perfect. Pretty chuffed for the £1.50 I ended up paying for it. I love this banana conditioner - I rave about it so so much that I won't bore you by doing so again, but if you want to know more have a look at my post here.

We all need a yummy smelling soap or two within our bath bag and these two are my favourites. I have the entire mango set of body butter, and body scrub, and shower gel, and everything so I know how delicious it smells. Satsuma is the next best thing though and these are so moisturising and long lasting - biggest bargain!

This current promotion has now ended but keep an eye out online, or sign up to the Body Shop news letter as they are constantly having big promotions and money off offers saving you plenty of pennies. 

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