Saturday, 20 April 2013

Full Length Denim Dungarees - What's the Verdict?...

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I am an absolutely huge fan of dungarees. Currently my total stands at 3 and I want just one more. I have some ASOS full length tailored black ones (here), Topshop short tailored black ones which I snapped up in the sale for a mere £18, and some short denim ones (here). So the latest addition I'm after is some full length ones that can also be turned up, and for once my favourites aren't even the most expensive - not far off though...

From left to right:

These Boohoo ones just look so laid back and cool. They remind me of an episode of Friends - the ultimate 90's look,  I love them. The only thing I'm unsure of is they are really over sized round the ankles, and as my ankles are ridiculously tiny they might end up looking absolutely huge on me. This second pair are on almost every mid priced clothing website about at the moment. The lighter wash is better than the Boohoo pair, but it doesn't really look like denim material. The fit is just that little bit smaller so would suit my body shape so much better. The palest of pale washes, and the brilliant standard of Topshop denim makes these a lovely pair of dungarees. They take after the Mom style jeans that are becoming very popular at the moment, so are perfect for easy everyday wear - and you know they are  going to be long lasting. But finally the ASOS pair - my favourite pair. The mid colour wash is perfect, the smaller fit around the legs and waist suits my figure down to a tee and I love the roll up length. These are definitely the ones. Just over £40 after student discount, a bit of an investment buy. I feel I will spend most of my summer days in these cuties. 

What do you think of longer length dungarees? Perfect summer wear, or should have been left in the 90's?

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