Sunday, 21 April 2013

Aztec Colour Popping...

The sun has popped out from behind the clouds for a short while it would appear so I have officially declared summer - for as short an amount of time as it may be. It's so nice to not have to layer up to leave the house, though it is still that in between weather which makes it difficult to decide what to wear. Sunny but windy so not overly warm. I decided that I would go for something summery, and just shove my leather jacket on over the top...

Studded Nude Shoes - Primark

I love midi dresses as I'm sure you're all aware by now, and this one is perfect for everyday wear. It is a lovely length, just below the knees, and the subtle orange flecks through just make it a bit less plain. An absolute bargain at £14.99, New Look have a brilliant range of reasonably priced summer dresses right now - I don't know why I ever stopped shopping there! I grabbed this bracelet set, also from New Look, at a mere £5.99. Currently they have an offer on where all jewellery is buy one get one free so I managed to get my hands on a cute silver spike necklace which I've been on the look out for, for a while. I always have to have a watch on, and my Michael Kors is my favourite! It wasn't quite warm enough for sandals so these little pumps did were perfect and so comfy. 

What do you think of the midi trend when it comes to being casual? How would you style it?


  1. love the dress, i have been really liking new look at the moment! their summer bikini's are great as well xxxx

    1. Thank you! I don't know why I ever stopped shopping there - it's brilliant! x