Tuesday, 2 April 2013

It's All See Through...

Now I do like to keep up with the latest trends and know 'what is hot and what is not' for want of a better phrase. This season in particular has been my absolute favourite for a long long time in terms of what is coming into fashion. Monochrome, neon, dungarees, midi length cuts, 90s - love it all. Though one trend in the form of accessories I just can't quite make my mind up on right now, and that is perspex.

On the catwalk for this season Givenchy showed off plastic heels, Perspex sole flatforms by Stella McCartney, Dior and Chloe went with transparent chunky cuffs, and in a slightly more risque move Burberry gave us a little show of PVC trench coats - in a totally classy way that only Burberry can manage. Put simply perspex was everywhere, and it's beginning to crop up on the high street now also. 

The clear bag. Now to me this just seems like a crazy idea. I had money, my bank card, and driving licence stolen out of my bag on a night out that wasn't see through in any way, shape, or form - so this just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Certainly for me anyway. I won't lie, they look pretty cool - the transparent neon box bags in particular, i just don't see the practicality. The one above however is ideal. Bang on with the neon trend, the cool shape is a little bit quirky, and the inside pocket is perfect to hide away your phone and things you don't want on display. Good old Zara, throwing out the perfect solution!

Transparent heels though I am more fond of, when done correctly. Some of the colour options on Boohoo do come across a little tacky but overall I do think these are something I would give a go - the Jeffrey Campbell copies I feel are a safe option, however the midi heels are so much more up my street. I am a huge fan of this heel height, particularly for daytime wear, and rose gold is always a lovely alternative to black or white without having to brave colour popping. A cheeky little toe cap is always a nice addition to a pair of heels also. Bargain £20, and student discount - absolutely brilliant, roll on payday!

What are you thinking of the perspex trend? Is it something you've tried or like myself are you a little weary?


  1. I do like the Neon Box Clutch
    Great post huny x

    1. I love it! Such a nice shape, a bit different to any other clutch I've got.

      Thank you! xxx