Monday, 29 April 2013

Jewellery Haul...

I keep saying how I am not a jewellery person at all. I can't be bothered with it. It takes me long enough to decide what to wear in the morning, let alone decide on accompanying jewellery - it is just more effort than it's worth. I'm one of those girls that would prefer an extra half an hour in bed and shove my hair up in a bun rather than make any effort styling it. Anyway, before I go off on a tangent, basically I seem to be changing my ways and have treated myself to a few bits and bobs to adorn myself with.

I like all these bold necklaces at the moment - they are definitely the ones that catch my eye most. I've got a couple of gold spiked necklaces so I needed some silver to add to my collection. I cannot stand when gold and silver is combined so I have to have a couple of options. The lime teardrop necklace from Next is by far my favourite - I mean who can resist a pop of neon in their jewellery. I love popping it under the collar of my shirts, just to add a bit of colour. The silver triangle necklace is just perfect for everyday wear, it literally goes with everything and I'd been looking for one for ages. An absolute steal at £5.99. The little bracelets  I only got as the necklace was on a buy one get one free offer, and they were the same colour as my midi dress so it seemed like a good idea. I cannot stand having watches/bracelets on when I'm working on the computer so they haven't been worn a great deal recently. 

Apologies if I don't post as often as usual for the next couple of weeks. I'm into the last 10 days before all my degree is handed in, and I start my NCTJ journalism diploma next week - 9 til 4 Monday to Friday is certainly going to be a shock to the system. Good luck to all those in the same position, not long to go now!

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