Thursday, 11 April 2013

Young, Free, and Debating Single...

I feel this will be a column that will completely split the audience - some will feel me stupid for even writing such a statement to suggest that anyone could ever be completely happy alone, and those who are full on girl power, borderline feminists who believe we are responsible for our own happiness. Prepare to choose your side now...

You don't need a man to make you happy?

Now a put a question mark at the end of this statement as I'm not sure that it is entirely true. I mean I don't think a man alone can make you happy - that I completely agree with, but isn't love the ultimate form of happiness. Whether that be via a partner, or a family, isn't that the ultimate ending that the majority of us aspire to have?

I ask this question, because as a 20 year old I find myself pretty immature when it comes to relationships and love. I totally go with my heart, not giving a damn that my head is telling me that it is the complete wrong decision, and just jump in with both feet. It never ends well, and recently it did not end well, and I hate the constant niggling of 'I told you so' at the back of my mind. I hope, I hope that maybe things will change around and work out, but it's clearly not meant to be. And I've got to that point where I think it's about time for a bit of a realisation, and time to give myself a slap round the face and remind myself what I want out of life.

Yes I want a family. I want a loving husband, and some lovely children, and a lovely house in a lovely village, with a cute and lovely little village pub where everyone is friendly and lives happily ever after. I'm 20. I don't need that right now. Right now, I have an AMAZING group of friends who have supported me through my lowest of lows and celebrated with me at my best, I have an incredible family who have been through a lot and still can make me laugh like no other, and a gorgeous baby sister who I love unconditionally. 

Now I need to focus on a job and moving onto the next stage of my life. These column features remind me how much I love writing, and how much I need to focus all my attention on doing everything physically possible to get myself into this industry. Fashion journalism was great fun at uni, and I really enjoy doing it on my blog; but I really love writing about things that affect everyone. I know that these columns are heavily focused on love but I think that is something that everyone thinks about on a pretty regular basis. I'm like Carrie Bradshaw - without the designer wardrobe, and amazing lifestyle in New York, and with much less male action in my life. 

In all realism I'm a normal girl, from a small town, with a big dream. I think it is important to have high aspirations, and set goals which sometimes seem a little out of reach. I'm probably not going to be editor in chief at Vogue in New York, living my life in Gucci and Prada, and spending my evenings partying with celebrities - but I'll give it a damn good shot. 

So all in all no, I do not need a man to make me happy - but he would certainly be a nice addition to the equation, in a few years time when I learn to give my heart a fair share in the ever conflicting head vs heart battle. So for now I'll continue to write this blog, I'll continue to give my all at uni, and I'll continue to apply for every single internship going and hope with everything I have within me that it turns in to something amazing. And if a man crops up on the horizon then brilliant - if not, I guess he is out there somewhere. To bring in a quote from my last column - everything happens for a reason. 

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