Friday, 3 May 2013

Change Is Coming...

So today was the hotly anticipated day that my final major project, and final part of my degree was handed in. And boy was that an incredible feeling!

My first day at uni seems so so long ago now, but at the same time it's as fresh in my memory as if it was yesterday. I can't quite believe that I've gone from being the girl who scraped by at school, to getting firsts at uni in things I've never done before, and moving away from everything and everyone I ever knew; to an independent person, who just created an entire magazine, and secured a place interning with Conde Nast. Without blowing my own trumpet, I'm intensely proud of what I have achieved. But it makes me want for so much more.

There's so many things in my life I want to do and experience, and I think now I've finally realised I might be in with a shot at that. I've always cared way too much about what other people think, and got way too involved worrying about men that really were never right for me, so maybe now is time to focus on me. I need to work my arse off to pass this NCTJ diploma, figure out a way to make BRIDES magazine realise that they need to hire me, and to stop being so bloody crazy about things that really aren't that big a deal.

Change is coming, and I'm not entirely sure I like that idea, but its got to be grabbed with both hands. You don't get anywhere by sitting on your arse and hoping something good is going to confirm to you. I am eternally grateful for all the amazing people I have met at university and I really hope the good ones will stick around in my life because god knows I wouldn't have had half as much fun if they hadn't been a major part in the last 3 years.

But like I said, change is coming. It's inevitable, so why fear it. Good things are on the horizon, I can feel it. And as I'll leave my preaching there, I'll share with you the favourite pages of my magazine (and a cheeky selfie)...


  1. Louise this is amazing! Good luck with everything, you deserve it xxx

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy with it!