Sunday, 19 May 2013

Exercise Crazy...

I thought I'd post a little blog post in between revision today. Well I say in between revision, I actually have only just started due to an accidental nap, so really this is more of a fun form of procrastination. But anyway, for today I wanted to talk about exercise. I am so hit and miss when it comes to exercising but it's come to that point where I need to get my arse in gear. My jeans are getting just a bit too tight for comfort, and the  summer is fast approaching so I really need  to get going.

I started doing the 30 Day Squat Challenge and that is fine, it takes less than 5 minutes of my time. But the 30 Day Shred. Owh man where do I begin. I've done this exercise DVD so many times before and I always have the same problem. I just keep missing days. I've missed two this week and that really isn't good. I need to start smashing it next week if I have any hope of being a bit more toned for my birthday in 3 weeks time! I'd definitely recommend this workout. Jillian Michaels definitely puts you through your paces combining simple weight training with cardio and abs, and it will only take up just  over 20 minutes of your day. It just takes a hell of a lot of motivation to force yourself to do it everyday - especially on a hangover. If you don't want to buy the  DVD try it using the video below on YouTube.

If you really want to try something that you can feel working there is nothing I can recommend more than XHITDAILY on YouTube, their ab workouts in particular. Boy are they painful but they are so worth it, and like the 30 Day Shred and Squat  Challenge can be none from the comfort of your own home. No expensive equipment  or gym membership, just your own body strength. Don't feel bad if you can't do the entire routine straight away, you  really have to build up to it. Although it's only around 10 minutes it's hard and you can't stop,  it really does take a hell  of a lot of strength to keep going all the way through. Give this one a try and see how you find it.

So come tomorrow I'm going to get a proper routine in order, and start it from the beginning. I'm one of those people where I feel if I have missed a day then I haven't done it properly,  so back to the beginning we go. It's not like I'm going on holiday this year so I don't really have a definite finish point, I just want  to feel happy and comfortable in my body. So here is where I am now. I don't really want to lose any weight, but toning up is so needed. I'll keep you posted, and let me know if you give any of these a try.


  1. I'm definitely going to check out those videos! Thanks :)

    1. I'd definitely recommend them. XHitDaily in particular are perfect for tailoring workouts around your preferences, there's so much to choose from xxx