Sunday, 26 May 2013

'Nude' Lippy, a New Favourite...

If you're a regular follower of my blog, or Twitter, or Facebook, or anything for that matter; you'll know that I love lipstick. Particularly red. Deep reds, bright reds, burgundys, I love them all. I hate leaving the house without a good coating of lippy, but my work aren't the best fans of bright red lipstick on their barmaids. So I dug this bad boy out of the depths of my make up bag, and man is it just what I've been looking for.

My Nan got me this for my birthday almost a year ago now, and I really did not realise just how much of a gem I had stashed away in my cupboards. I am a big fan of Elizabeth Arden products, I do have a hell of a lot in my make-up collection. It is always of brilliant quality and the foundation in particular is perfect for my skin. The packaging of this lipstick however is not what I have come to expect from Elizabeth Arden. The beige plastic is very 'high street' rather than designer, though if I'm honest, I'm really not fussed about packaging. The colour itself is beautiful. More rose gold, than bare which is right up my street.

The bronzed tone works really well with my pale skin tone, and is just perfect for toned down, everyday easy wear. It isn't the most moisturising of lipsticks, but it goes on smoothly and is extremely long lasting. I wore it for my 10 hour shift yesterday, and even after a few cuppas it was still going strong. The hint of gold just makes it all the more interesting than a plain old nude - which I cannot stand by the way, I think I might find a new favourite. Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up my reds just yet, but this is definitely a close second. 

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