Friday, 31 May 2013

Paisley Print...

It's been a while since I've done a WIWT/OOTD post, and I must admit I miss them. They are one of my favourite types of posts (Heidi Likes, and Style and Starbucks being personal favourites) and so I enjoy creating my own. I'm always running late in the mornings so it's an absolute nightmare to try and get a picture and my iPhone picture quality seems to have deteriorated massively in the past couple of months - I definitely need to invest in a camera. 

Bag - Zara (SOLD OUT)

For today I want to be comfortable. I've got a two and a half hour drive in front of me and it's pretty warm outside. Heat and a long drive do not go well together, we all know too well. So I've opted for a simple cotton midi dress, nice thin material and a really lovely fit. I love how it clings to all the right bits and smooths over all the wrong ones. I've got a bit of a thing for blue at the moment now I've gone brunette, and at a bargain £14.99 I couldn't really go wrong with this one. I bought the sandals a couple of months ago now and due to the terrible weather I haven't got any wear of of them yet. The white and silver colour scheme will go with pretty much every item of clothing I own, so sun permitting I think these shall become a staple in the wardrobe. And the bag. Oh the beautiful, beautiful bag. I saw this on Lucy Mecklenburgh a while ago (post here), and I just had to get it. I love the oversized nature of it, I cannot stand bags that you can just about fit a purse in, I need plenty of room for lots of bits and bobs. It is perfectly made, and of really high quality, the new love of my life!

Hope you've all had a lovely week, and looking forward to the weekend. Fingers crossed the sun sticks around. I'm working tomorrow for the hotel's one year anniversary since we reopened, live entertainment, a BBQ, and lots of local ale, should be fun. If any of you lovely readers are local to the Northamptonshire area, then pop into The Talbot Hotel in Oundle for a fun filled afternoon!

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