Thursday, 30 May 2013

Pick of the Week...

I've got a bit of a thing for Zara at the moment. Their clothes are just classic, understated and sophisticated - what is not to like!? I love that the high quality of the clothes, and the unexpected reasonable prices that go with them. Not so long ago I bought a gorgeous over sized shoulder bag (I will do a post soon) and it has fast become a statement piece in my wardrobe.  

I must admit, I haven't shopped in Zara much up until recently but man I think I'm going to find it hard to stop now. So I thought I'd put together a cheeky little wish list, one to procrastinate from practicing shorthand (which is making me slowly go insane), and two, to subtly hint to my family that it is my birthday next week. So here you have it...

These jeans are just like nothing I have ever seen, so naturally I want them. I like to be a bit different from the masses though still following the fashion. The slightly cropped leg is so in right now and the quilted patches just set them apart from every other pair of jeans on the high street. Yes please! The white gilet - probably not the most sensible colour for someone as clumsy as me, however teamed up with a simple vest, jeans, and midi heels this would look so so chic when the sun finally appears. I seem to have a bit of a thing for green at the moment, and this emerald green blouse caught my eye right away. My friend Chelsea has it and the fit is just beautiful, and with white jeans looks so sophisticated. I'm so over short dresses and shorts for nights out, so this would be perfect for me. 

The tunic is just insanely cool. I've love the eclectic mix of colours and print - this would be ideal with some wellies for V... I think I may have just talked myself into this one! There really isn't much need for me to explain the heels at all. They are black, they have a heel, and they are from Zara. It's a done deal. But my oh my the clutch - there is a lot I could say about this bad boy. Who does not like an over sized clutch now let's be honest ladies! Mixing black and white with print and a flicker of neon yellow shouldn't work, but it just totally does. And finally, the skorts. Welcome. Skirt from the front, shorts from the back. Practicality and sexiness all rolled into one. I actually have these in white (again I will do a post soon) and I cannot get enough of them, so it seems only sensible to add to my collection with a black pair. They are also available in a beautiful shade of deep blue so have a little look. 

So there you have it, such a beautiful selection I think you will agree, and all very reasonably priced. What's your favourite thing in Zara at the moment? Do you shop there frequently or only just recently discovered? Tweet me your favourite Zara outfit @loutan92 - I love a good WIWT!

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