Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pick of the Week...

This posting after 10 at night is getting to be a bit of a habit as of recent. I'm beginning to see just how much work I've given myself  with this diploma for these new few weeks, I just hope my blog doesn't suffer because of it.

But onto today's post, how bloody amazing are these cute crystallised trainers!?! I discovered this Crystallised Creation on Twitter after Michelle Keegan put up a picture of some blazers she had been sent. And it seems they're pretty popular. With blazers, vans and converse on 99.9% of the younger generation, it's nice to come up with a way to make them stand out from the crowd.

These grey blazers are my absolute favourite, and once I get a full time job I shall definitely be splashing out the £110 to make them mine! Grey is such an easy colour to match up with everything so I've no doubt I will get my money's worth. It's Libby's birthday at the end of July so I might just treat her to the baby version - she is certainly going to be one fashionable baby if I have my way!

I'm not quite as big a fan of converse as I am of blazers - the high tops especially, but these are just so cute I can't not like them! I love that as well as the pearl embellishments on the toe cap, they have replaced the laces with ribbon which just looks ace! I'm not entirely sure that white would be a sensible idea though, I have a pretty bad track record with shoes, let alone those of a pale colour. 

What do you think? Would you 'bling' up your trainers, or do you prefer the plain traditional look?

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