Sunday, 21 July 2013

Dirty Dancing, Cocktails and a Plush Hotel...

So I've finally had a chance to sit down and go through all of my pictures and write up a post on the event I attended on Wednesday evening, and yes I am aware that the title of this post may be a tad misleading but in my sleep deprived state I found it amusing! My lovely (and very jammy) friend Siobhain won a competition through Jewel Piccadilly to go and see Dirty Dancing, party on down VIP style at the after party, and stay a night in the very swanky, and very posh Mayfair hotel. And boy did we make the most of it!

The show itself is one that people, women in particular, seem to rave about. I myself have never actually seen the film (shocking I know), so all I knew before taking my seat was a basic story line that I had read on wikipedia whilst on the train journey into London. The dancing was second to none, I was absolutely captivated by their moves, the girl who played Penny in particular was just outstanding. If you are a fan of dance, then just for that you need to see this show! The actual story line itself was outrageously cheesy but I guess that is how it is supposed to be. I really REALLY enjoyed it, but it hasn't placed within my top three - Les Miserables, Billy Elliot and Wicked. 


Oh yeah and we met Gok Wan!



It was an extremely hot day so I opted for a simple cotton midi dress from New Look and my beloved Zara midi heels. I wanted to be comfortable but also look like I had made at least a little bit of effort - shame my hair doesn't reflect that. I really need to invest in a good pair of hair straighteners, but the good ones are all so bloody expensive. This outfit was the perfect mix of formal and casual, the only problem is, it isn't half tight. I'm surprised my lungs had the capacity to breath let alone allow me to spend 10 hours in it and remain upright!

The cocktails at Piccadilly Jewel were next to none, they were bloody delicious. The passion fruit daiquiri was my absolute favourite, but the berry blush was something else. A concoction of blackberries and raspberries all squished up and topped with a hell of a lot of vodka, and a teeny bit of cranberry juice. 



And the hotel, well it was just like nothing I'd ever experienced before. The bed was enormous and cosy and snuggly, the chairs were so plush and inviting, the bathroom (wet room) had THE BEST shower, the TV was ginormous, the mini bar was excruciatingly expensive, and the breakfast was absolutely perfect after one too many cocktails. Everyone said good morning, men held doors open for us, and we were treated like royalty - I could certainly get accustomed to that way of life!

I would urge all of you to visit Jewel Piccadilly to try their selection of cocktails! If you go onto their website you can sign up for a 2for1 cocktail voucher - save yourself some pennies and have yourself a good night. 

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