Thursday, 4 July 2013

Love By Numbers...

So I'm writing this post for the second time, as the horrendous iPhone blogger app decided to delete my first attempt and put me right back to square one. Lovely. So here we go again. It's a column piece thank goodness. I think I've swerved away from my path a bit recently but I've got lots of interesting column pieces lined up and a million and one outfit posts after not being able to control myself on a recent shopping trip. Also check out my giveaway for a cute little cutie box. 

Bit for today's post I'm talking love. I've recently been reading the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada and without giving the storyline away there is a bit of conflict in terms of love. Like any good chick flick of course. And it got me thinking... 

Can you ever be in love with two people at once? 

I don't mean a friendship love, or a family I love, I mean a pure passionate all or nothing, head over heels kind of love. Can that exist concurrently for two people? And unlike my usual column posts I actually cannot come to a finite answer.

A first love is the first thing I think of when I'm talking about this topic. Anyone who has ever been in love will know, that no one will ever quite compare to your first love. It's all new and exciting and never before experienced and there is just something regarding that relationship that could never be found in another. Personally I feel I will always love my first love, but I wouldn't necessarily say that I am in love with them. I think it's a difficult distinction to make. I remember clearly the boyfriend after the 'first' and I fell madly for him very quickly (it turned out crappy - c'est la vie) but at the time it was the real deal in my eyes. But those feelings for the first were still there, and I still remember now the utter confusion I felt for that at the time. How can I love two guys at once? But I think there is a love for your first like none other and it just cannot be explained. One of those unknown things in life. 

In terms of being with a partner and falling for someone new who comes onto the scene - that is something I will never understand. Probably because I have never been in that situation. For me, if you love someone, you are in it all or nothing. If you do not want to devote to them then end it. Simple. Cheating is something I will never condone, and I'm sure anyone who has ever been cheated on will agree with me there. So meeting someone new and falling for them whilst still with a current partner, suggest to me that the love has died out. Which is ok. People change, and feelings change with them. Life would be a very boring thing if everyone and everything remained the same. 

I feel like this is a bit of a rambling post because I am just searching for an answer that ultimately I don't know. So please leave me a comment or drop me a tweet (@loutan92) and let me know what you think, I'd love to hear your opinion! 

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