Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Lunch Time Treats...

I've gone a bit off the grid this week in terms of keeping up to date with my blog. I worked a night shift on Saturday and my body clocked combined with continuous long hours at work have just resulted in every spare moment I have napping. So apologies. But today I finally got the day off and took the opportunity to go out to lunch with a few people from work and I just had to share it with you. People who live local to the area, I guarantee you will want to visit...




The Olive Grove in Polebrook is absolutely sensational! Originally beginning as a nursery for olive trees and Mediterranean plants, but has recently branched out into a restaurant/coffee shop/delicatessen. We had a selection of Camembert, bread, salads and Bruschetta which were extremely reasonably priced and generously portioned. And the ice cream. Oh the ice cream. So many incredible flavours - I opted for strawberry cheesecake, tiramisu and peanutella. Yum! 

I also treated myself and my mum and stepdad to some goodies from the shop including some pink lemonade for moi. I'm really hoping it is like the American pink lemonade which I'm still yet to find back in the UK after my visit to New York 18 months ago. The shop is just overwhelming. Juices, cordials, cake, meat, cheese, olives, jams & chutneys and some awesome looking frozen pastries which when left in room temperature expand ready to be cooked. Perfect! 

I could have spent a ridiculous amount of money but I refrained, I'm going to have to take Mum there son and get myself some treats. It just has to be done. Their ice tea as well is miles better than the standard Lipton. Much less sugar and it tastes more like green tea which is so refreshing. I've definitely just put an order in online for a case. Naughty. If you live local to Northamptonshire then I really do recommend a visit as there really is nothing like it! 

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