Thursday, 29 August 2013

90s Jelly Shoes...

Now I loved jelly shoes as a kid. I had a really snazzy pair of light blue glittery 'high' heeled jelly shoes that I wore every single second that I was not forced to wear my awful Clarks school shoes. I particularly remember being rather attached to a blue patterned wrap over skirt, a strappy blue top with a daisy on, teamed up with the trusty blue jelly shoes. It was blue overkill for sure, but I felt like the Queen of the castle in that get up! This time round I went for something a little more understated... 

I cannot even begin to describe to you how comfortable these are for one! It's the first thing I noticed, other than how insanely cool they are! When you think of jelly shoes and plastic you instantly think that they would rub and cause all sorts of discomfort for your tootsies. But oh no. I have worn these day in, day out, so I feel pretty qualified to confirm they are in fact the most comfortable pair of shoes ever! 

I thought the clear option was the best as there is no way that they cannot match with whatever outfit I choose to throw on in the morning. However, I have now ordered the black pair also. Well I had to didn't I! I am rather excited to don them on holiday and wander in and out of the sea without the worry of getting lots of sand all up in my toes. Such a pet hate! 

So basically long story short. Jelly shoes = comfort, style and all round coolness. Yeh that's right I used the word coolness. Try them and you'll understand exactly why. Enjoy. 


  1. I love these! I have a pair from Primark which I am very fond of.
    I used to own a glittery high heel pair when I was younger too, I thought I was amazing! x