Saturday, 8 February 2014

John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray Review...

I was sceptical about this lightening spray when I first heard about it. Generally shampoos, conditioners, treatments or whatever it is that claim to have an effect on the changing of one's hair colour tend to be wrong. This however is an anomaly. It really does lighten hair, and the reason why... IT CONTAINS HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. Aka every time you use it, it is like putting bleach onto your hair. Some of the reviews I've read on Amazon show the effects to the people who did not read the label and just wanted a cheap way of getting blonde hair fast. Put simply, this product will lighten your hair, but if you abuse it, it will also damage it beyond repair. I have used it once, liberally all over the mid lengths of my hair to even out the difference in colour between the roots where highlights were applied to natural hair, and the mid lengths where there was previous colour build up. Once is enough for me, it has evened it out and has not had an adverse condition on my hair. The product states that it is only for use in between highlights, NOT as a replacement. I would definitely recommend this product for those looking to lighten, brighten and even out highlighted hair, but use with caution. John Frieda state that the product will not have any more lightening effects after 10 uses, I would only use it a maximum of 3 times with at least a weeks break in between. After all, yes fresh blonde hair is nice, but not when it's breaking off and leaving you with cotton wool looking locks. I fear that would not be the look you are going for. 

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