Wednesday, 5 February 2014


It's a trend that has been on the map a while now and it seems set to stay that way for quite a while to come. Whether it be in the form of monochrome, or tartan, or gingham, every store you look in at the moment you will find check clothing in mass. I actually already own the monochrome trousers as I am actually addicted to printed trousers and for just under £20 I just couldn't refuse! I am in desperate need of the head scarf, that's a trend I'm yet to venture into, but there are several Topshop ones that have caught my eye that I must try too! Tartan scarves have been a major player ever since that H&M tartan scarf last year, I've yet to invest - I feel it is imminently necessary. This jacket is stored in my mental wishlist (which is getting longer by the day), and it is currently online, on sale, in my size only - if that's not a sign then I don't know what is. I have a thing about night wear, hence why two have appeared on this showcase. The number of pyjama sets I own is just ridiculous and nightshirts are so practical for the coming (hopefully) warmer evenings, plus this bad boy is on sale too! Quite the bargain hunter I am! Slippers - well the obsession joins the pjs so I need say no more. 6 pairs and counting. And, well, the Topshop flock tee is just standard Topshop. On point, simple, and a staple item within your wardrobe! 

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