Thursday, 10 February 2011

At The Click Of A Button...

When I think about it, I guess I'm a bit of an addict when it comes to internet shopping. I just can't help myself. Especially when New Look decide to offer 20% off to students with a free delivery on the same day - it would be rude not to really!

Ebay. To me, ebay is just a massive portal of temptation. Topshop shoes on Ebay, wow! I got a pair recently, brand new in the box, never worn, £7. £7! That's like £63 off! Amazing! Since this discovery I have literally been hooked. They have absolutely everything you could ever want under one roof, and generally at a bargain price if you look hard enough.

I'm at the stage where I now have the Ebay application on my iphone for those times when bidding ends when I will not be at home - obsession I can hear you all saying. And yes I'd agree with you slightly there, but fear not I shall be getting rid of it due to a drunken mishap involving purchasing a £75 of UGG boots (no recollection of this). Not a happy Louise the next morning.

But with all the clothing websites on offer, there is just something utterly satisfying about being able to browse through every possible item available, from the comfort of your own bed with a nice hot cuppa and a mega size tesco white chocolate cookie (which are AMAZING by the way). And with places like Topshop, New Look and Asos constantly having money saving promotions, it's perfect for duvet loving students such as myself.

I am very aware that buying myself copious amounts of clothing should come second priority to necessities such as food shopping, but that's just boring isn't it. As a fashion student I see it as my duty to be wearing nice clothes and promoting the new fashions, despite the fact that most mornings when I have to crawl out of my pit for lectures I tend to opt for jeans and a jumper, but even so you catch my drift. Plus less food means losing a nice couple of pounds therefore making the clothes look even better, win win.

However, it has now come to the point where I want the butterfly dress from Topshop, (pictured in a previous blog post) so badly that I want to spend £45 on the maternity blouse version just so that I can the beautiful design in my clutches. Consumed in a battle between shopping and living, it's fair to say that my bank balance is being hit pretty hard. But you know, needs must.

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