Sunday, 13 February 2011

Lonely Hearts...

So with Valentines Day looming, I thought it would be nice and appropriate to have a little rant about how this year I feel that the day is none other than a day for people to pointlessly spend lots of money and flaunt their cutesy coupleness upon all surrounding singletons such as myself.

Made me laugh just a little

It is impossible to escape. Every cards shop, gift shop, restaurant, even clothes shop are inundated with valentines day offers and “treat your someone special” promotions. I can’t even pop to Tesco without a love heart encrusted teddy bear being thrust in my face. And I swear down if Moonpig send me one more ‘countdown to valentines’ email, I will scream. Or cry. I am undecided as of yet.
I am aware that I sound like a right bitter old cow right now but I feel as my first single valentines in 3 years I am entitled to be a little moany.
I remember when I was younger my Mum used to write me a valentines day card and go through all the trouble to actually send it properly rather than just pop it through the letter box (never quite understood that myself) and then she would get all excited when I opened it. Unfortunately I was blissfully aware that it was her idea of a sweet romantic gesture from a ‘secret admirer’. Bless her. She still will not admit it however.
Up until the two previous years when  I had a serious boyfriend, valentines day was never a big deal in our household. It is my little sister’s birthday and my parents weren’t exactly the most in love couple you could meet, so romance was never something that featured heavily in my life.
Despite having a boyfriend of what I’d consider a pretty substantial amount of time I don’t think I ever saw true proper love how it should be until my Mum met her new partner. You know the honeymoon period where everything is lovely, there are no arguments, and you want to spend each and every second in each other’s company, well a year and a half on and they are still like that. They totally epitomise the word love.
Why is it so much harder to fall out of love than it is to fall in it? Heartbreak totally ruins any vision of being in love that you ever had. When it comes down to it though meeting someone new after having your heartbroken seems like the hardest thing ever (if you have a heart at all that is).
I love that saying in P.S I Love You (my fave romantic film which I fail to get through without several outbursts of heavy crying ) – “Don’t be afraid to fall in love again. Watch out for that signal, where life as you know it ends”. I’d love my signal to be Gerard Butler walking into my room and whisking me off for a life of romance in Ireland. A girl can wish right...
Beautiful Blue Eyed Dream...
I’m not a pessimist when it comes to love, not at all. I love all that romantic stuff, the flowers , romantic dinners by candlelight and all that jazz, but valentines this year cannot pass by quick enough for me. I think I shall be spending mine with the best men known to a girl at times like this and that is Mr. Ben and Mr. Jerry. A cookie dough special J

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