Sunday, 20 February 2011

Home Sweet Home...

Back in September last year, I could not wait to move away from home and go and start my new life at university in Southampton. Don't get me wrong I love my Mum and my little sister but there's just something so exciting about living with a group of other people, no parents, no rules and just a load of fun.
Moving from a pretty big room with a double bed and lots of space, into a tiny room with I think the smallest bed I've ever seen and the most hideously green and yellow curtains known to man was a bit of a shock but with a load of pictures on my wall and a touch of pink here and there I was making it my own.

First picture in my cute little uni room :)

The first term I came home pretty much every 3 weeks so I didn't really have a chance to miss being back as I was there a lot. I had the best of both worlds, having fun with all my uni friends, getting drunk and pretty much doing what I wanted, to going home at the weekends for my Mum to do my laundry, going out for lunch and pretty much eating her out of house and home.

So when I went home for a month over christmas it was a bit strange. My university body clock stopped me from going to sleep til at least 2am despite the fact I was working 10 hour shifts, and it was so strange to not be able to go cook myself a pizza at midnight or have someone up to go and chill out with at 4am. But it was so nice to spend time with my family and all my friends that I was definitely sad to come back to Southampton, I think this is when I realised how much I loved my little home town.
Second semester and I'm trying to go home less often, one to save money and two because I do need to become more independent and not rely on my Mum as much. But 8 weeks in I've been home once and I literally talk to my Mum every day without fail. Moving away has definitely brought me closer to my Mum and me and my sister aren't constantly at each others throats. I've even lended her one of my nicest dresses, now that is progress! And I think they definitely prefer me living away as it makes it all the much nicer when we get to spend time together when I'm home.

I've got 5 of my friends from back home coming to stay with me for 3 nights next week, now 6 people in a room that barely fits me and my copious amounts of clothing in is going to be a struggle but I actually cannot wait. They are the most fun, hilarious, crazy bunch of people I know and it's going to be such a laugh having them to stay.
I don't think I'll ever move back home now but it has definitely made me realise how much my Mum does for and how much I should appreciate the little things like not having to buy my own food. Man how expensive is cheese!?! I love living in a big city but I'll always be a Kettering girl at heart. Theres no place like home.

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