Monday, 20 June 2011

And So It Begins..

Well after waking up several times throughout the night worrying that I was going to oversleep and miss my train I made the difficult movement that was getting up at 6.30am. And threw on my outfit which I hoped would set me in good stead for my first day at the biggest selling fashion weekly.

I definitely had nothing to worry about! All the butterflies and conversations of worry were so uncalled for, I loved my first day at Look, and this is only the beginning. The sun stayed out this morning so at least I arrived to the office in a neat state, this could not be said for the end of the day by which point the heavens had fully opened!

Anyway, once I arrived at the office I had to have my photo taken for my pass - as expected it was not a nice picture, although not as bad as my student card in which I look like an orange meerkat! Not a good look!

But instantly upon meeting with the team I was put at ease and nice and chilled. Everyone there is so so lovely, nothing like Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Prada (my favourite film of all time just in case you wanted to know!)

I'm so glad I'm interning with three other girls though, returns are made so much more fun having a laugh with the girls than they would be on my own, and boy are there a lot of returns to be made. I honestly do not think I have ever seen so many clothes and shoes in my life! Seeing all the clothes that are yet to hit the store is definitely going to be dangerous for my poor bank balance, but FYI theres are few beauts coming to Miss Selfridge soon so keep your eyes open!

My wardrobe OCD so kicked in when I was set the task of sorting out the fashion cupboard and pulling out clothes for the Wanted. Let's just say me and Amy were very proud of the organisation that we had produced in that cupboard, and a little child like excited at the fact we were touching clothes that the Wanted were actually going to be wearing, on their bodies!

But moving on from that, I then got what I think is my most exciting news of the day that I am going to be going on a photoshoot tomorrow!!! I'll leave all the gory details for tomorrows post so stay tuned and watch this space! One day in and I'm already being given an awesome opportunity, so I'm a very happy girl :) Although leaving the sheet with all the details on, on my desk at work was not one of my brightest ideas! All I can say is thank God for google maps!

So after packing up all the clothes for the shoot and sending them off with the courier my first day was pretty much done and man had it gone fast! The saying really is true that time flys when you're having fun! Ooh and a complimentary copy of Look magazine certainly made the day go even faster - so yes one day in and I'm loving it and cannot wait to be back in the beautiful world of fashion again tomorrow!

But for now I best be getting to bed as my body is going to crumble under all these early mornings - uni students are now used to being up before at least 11am! So night lovelys, same time tomorrow xoxo

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