Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Styling: My New Forte?

So today was the eagerly awaited day of the photoshoot and man was I excited when I woke up this morning! I had absolutely no idea what to expect of the upcoming events, which I think is sometimes half the fun of it!

But after wandering the complete opposite direction to which I was supposed to be heading, (I'm not very good with directions, in case you hadnt already realised from previous posts) I finally found my destination. Wow! I think that is the only word that could describe this location. I have never seen anything like it.

Outside looking like a very simple townhouse, but behind the doors unveiled the brightest colours I think my eyes have ever seen! Bright yellows, fuschias, emerald greens - every room was adorned in eye popping colours, it was hypnotising, I loved it!

But moving on from that, once I had got over the awe of looking around this stunning house we quickly made ourselves at home, unpacked the masses of beautiful clothing we had brought with us - a stunning 60's topshop dress being one of them which I will buy after today, and also a beaut of a Phillip Lim skirt which unfortunately I will not be purchasing due to my very limited funds!

Thats something else today has done, given me a taste for Phillip Lim skirts! the stylist Hannah was wearing a leather one to die for - I want it! As previously commented, this internship is going to be deadly on my debit card!

After unpacking the clothes and the shoes, (ooh don't even get me started on the shoes, Office and Zara I'm coming for you!) we met our first model - Alexandra Iancovici, buyer at Selfridges. She is such a lovely woman, and so so photogenic her photographs turned out amazing! I'm saying nothing about the outfits today because you'll all see when you go out and purchase next weeks copy of 'Look' magazine, but she looked gorgeous!

I learnt how to use a steamer today. And after learning how to use a steamer I now want one in my house. It is a million and one times better than an iron and a hell of a lot easier to use! I must say I was impressed, not so much impressed at burning my hand on it though, and proceeding to do it twice more, clearly not learning my lesson. Clumsy should be my middle name sometimes!

This shoot was a brilliant opportunity for me, and I really loved every second of it. It was perfect aswell as we got to try something completely different with each woman we photographed, which really showed me the diversity of everything and how you can get a completely different look in the same location. It was really good to be able to experiment with the styling and have some fun with it all - and from what I saw the results are gorgeous.

I cannot wait to see the photographs in next weeks issue and being able to say that I was a part of it. It's amazing to see how everything comes together from a suitcase of clothes and a house, you've got such a blank canvas to work with, there's so much freedom with what can be produced.

Being on a shoot, although a lot of work to make everything go perfectly is so much fun, and I really hope I get the chance to go on another one during the rest of my internship. It has made me question though what I want to go into once I've finished my time at uni. I've always loved writing and been really interesting to get into fashion feature writing, but today I really enjoyed working with the styling team, so it's really made me think. I'm very glad that I've chosen to do styling and photography as a module at uni next year - and hopefully I shall develop further in that, we shall see!

So all in all I had a pretty amazing, fun packed, beaut of a day, I completely loved it. I'm so glad I've got this brilliant internship where I get to go out there and do things and get stuck in and involved with everything. I do feel extremely lucky! I've learnt so much already and it's only my second day! I've met some amazing people, had great laughs, and helped to produce what is going to be an awesome magazine spread. So don't forget to buy your copy next week and check it out! xoxo

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