Thursday, 23 June 2011

Fallen in Love...

So my day starting off rather amusing when myself and Karen decided to have a race on the underground to decide which out of the two journey options was quicker, I lost. Although we did decide we'd rather stay on the tube for 5 minutes longer in a seat, than to stand squashed under some sweaty mans armpit. I think you'd agree that is not pleasant at anytime of the day let alone first thing in the morning without a cup of tea yet in my system!

But anyway, moving on from that riveting finding, it was nice to get into the office with all of the girls again, I literally havent laughed as much as I did today in a long long time. After a couple of hours of catching up and doing the ever so exciting returns I got sent out on an errand to Libertys of London.

Wow! I literally fell in love with that shop, it is beautifully, stunningly amazing! Ah and the smell. I can't believe I have never been in that store before, but I'll certainly be going again. Maybe in a few years time when I've been getting a regular pay I'll make a nice little visit and buy myself a Mulberry handbag - it's not even a want anymore it's a need!

And with all this communting and errands and shoots I've become the Queen of the underground, with my limited edition 'Prince William and Kate' oyster card I am literally underground royalty! And before anyone comments no I did not request this limited edition card, I was just given it. I'm not quite that cool...

Ooh had the most amazing eton mess today at work today. Definitely going to be morbidly obese once this internship from the hundreds of pots that I'm going to consume during my time there. Also the massive pink meringues the man in the corner of the canteen sells are becoming increasingly enticing. All aboard the fatty train!

Not much more to tell you about today really, it's just been a really nice chilled day. Returned clothes from the Wanted shoot yesterday and Amy found one of the boys hairs on their clothes and got a little stalker excited. She'll kill me for saying that as I've already put it on twitter - sorry hun :) Loving my little internship office, have such a great time working with those girls makes the day so much more fun than it would be if I was stuck on my own.

Last day of the first week tomorrow so hopefully we'll have a few more bits to do and exciting things to find out. But bring on next week when the photos from my shoot are going to be in the magazine, actually cannot wait for those! But for now I'm going to go to bed and try not to get cramp in my leg again tonight. Night bloggers, thanks for tuning in xoxo

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