Friday, 24 June 2011

Making Friends With A Man From China...

Well I didn't get off to the best start today, as I massively overslept on the one day that I actually needed to get up a little earlier. Not good Louise. But did manage to haul my massive suitcase all the way over the other side of London in my slightly restrictive but very beautiful maxi skirt, which was quite an achievement.

Somehow managed to get into the office in time however and had a catch up with the girls. Got so many clothes sent out today that our office is going to be empty if we keep on going at this rate! It would be nice if we could see more than one square centimetre of floor at some point during my internship, it's never ending.

One of the beauty team came in today and took mine and Amy's picture for the beauty review section of the magazine. I've said many times how unphotogenic i am so god knows what that's going to look like in the magazine, but at least I'm gonna be in there, I suppose that's a plus. Maybe. I am reviewing face mist, something that I'd never even heard of before so that should be good. Broke up the day a little bit.

There's not really a great deal to say about today if I'm honest with you, think we all had a bit of that Friday feeling and were just in a really funny giggly mood so literally spent the majority of the day laughing at stuff that really wasn't funny and returning clothes from this weeks shoot.

Ooh but I did get asked to ring one of the PR companies to get them to pick up some samples that they had sent across to us. So when I rang the phone number I was given I was quite surprised to get through to a chinese man who was very confused when I asked him to bring over a bike to pick up a package. His wife seemed equally as confused when I tried to explain. Was pretty damn funny, although I don't think they were too impressed. Oops.

Also had a lovely little lunch with the girls and went out on the terrace to check out the view, which I think had the opposite effect to what it was meant to. Way way way too high 11 floors up and I was genuinley concerned that if I looked over too long I would fall off. Had a lovely little picture taken though so I thought I'd upload that for you. My lovely intern girls minus Amy. Next time we need to get one of the smokers to get a group one of us. Maybe next week I'll be uploading a picture of us on the barclays bikes as they excite me possibly a little more than they should so I really want to try one out!

We got to leave work half an hour early tonight - little Friday treat, and we discovered a cute little bakery on the way to the train station. Yet another food corporation to add to the growing list that I'm going to blame for my forthcoming obesity.

I've actually loved living in London this week, I didn't want to come back to Southampton, cannot wait to go back again on Sunday. Everything is just so busy and fast moving and crazy - it matches me perfectly I love it. It's definitely the place to be.

So three words to sum up my first week of my first ever internship at a pretty amazing fashion magazine would be: Exciting, Hilarious and Prettygoddamnamazing. I'm looking forward to seeing my shoot in next weeks issue and hopefully getting to go out on a shoot or getting to have a bit of input at some point to the magazine.

But for now I best be getting ready for bed as I've got work early tomorrow at the cafe. No rest for the wicked, another day another dolla. So night my beautiful followers and I'm sure I'll have another load of goss to fill you in with on Monday, so see you then xoxo
Alysia, Katie and Me :)

The view from our terrace at work

Proof that I am massively unphotogenic, and look like a 10 year old boy with my hair up. It's like school picture day all again :(

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