Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hitting Up LFW...

The fruit man outside the tube station didn't have any strawberries again today, I was not impressed and therefore spent all morning moaning that I was hungry - as per. Since when I have become a morbidly obese person hiding in a slim persons body I do not know, but if I carry on at this rate that obese person will be emerging rather rapidly.

But moving on from that lovely thought I had to get into the office quickly today as we had to finish off all our trends research, which my God was there a lot of! I knew there were a fair few but wow! Although I'm not going to lie, I loved spending a good couple of hours of my working day looking through Alexander McQueens collections - he really was an amazing designer, lets hope Sarah Burton keeps doing him proud as she did with Kate's wedding dress.

I found the skirt today. Not just a skirt, THE skirt. The skirt I have fallen madly in love with and would do possibly anything to get my hands on it. Topshop was just teasing me today when they put it back on the website in a size 16. If it comes down to it I will buy a size 16 and alter it, if that is the only way. This readers is shopping addiction in it's truest form. If you don't hear from me in a week or so I have been admitted to rehab. But yes I am hoping that working in a fashion magazine may help me in my quest for this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. I shall keep you informed...

So after that near on excitement I spent the majority of the rest of the day on the phone to PR companies requesting prices so I could write all the credits for yesterdays shoot. I love speaking on the phone. Apart from just having a loud mouth and not really knowing when just shutup I just like speaking to people, except leaving answer phone messages. No no, I just end up a babbling mess. But yes if fashion turns out not to be my calling I think the call centre is for me. Lets hope it doesn't quite go to this point though, which brings me onto my very exciting news of the day.

Helen came into the office at the end of the day and told us how because we were such lovely interns - which of course we are :) - she wants us to work backstage for them on the LOOK fashion show in September at London Fashion Week. Yeh thats right, LONDON FASHION WEEK BABYYYYYY!!!!! I literally cannot even begin to describe to you how excited I am about this. What an amazing opportunity. London Fashion Week! No matter how many times I say it, it will never get old!

I can't believe how incredible this internship is turning out to be. Yeh sometimes we do spend a lot of time packing up and returning clothes but there is so much more to it than that. The photoshoots I've been able to input a little on the styling, we're able to have our say on clothes that are called in for particular features on what we think would look good and we get to research and put forward our ideas for magazines.

And to anyone that is thinking of doing an internship - do it! The only way in this industry is to start at the bottom and work your way up, and if I'm honest with you, my experience so far of interning at a fashion magazine is a lot more involving than had been suggested to me. The team involve you in so many different aspects of creating the magazine and making you part of it all, its not all about returns and making tea for everyone - although that does help, everyone loves a good cuppa.

I'm loving every second and I'm only just half way through, I already know I'm going to be so sad to leave but now I know I'll be back in September they won't be rid of me for long. I'm going to work my little (turning big if i eat much more) bum off until I get to where I want to be. Aim high, work hard and do every possible thing that I can to achieve my dream is exactly my plan in life. Sometimes dreams don't have to be just dreams, and I'm determined to make mine a reality.

And on that nice little philosophical, bold statement I'm off to chill out before another day at work comes about bright and early tomorrow morning. Night all xoxo

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