Wednesday, 29 June 2011

School Picture Day...

Back in the office today with the girls - YAYYY! I think we get on possibly a little too well after only 7 days, it's actually brilliant, I love it. But aside from that this morning was a massive panic. After Amy told me our intern photographs were being taken at 10pm last night and I definitely did not have the outfit that I wanted to have with me. I was not impressed.

So instead of wearing my fave River Island skirt and blouse, I had to go for my New Look palazzo trousers which I do love, and my H&M t shirt. It'll do as I rushed out the door ten minutes later than planned, which meant I could not stop for strawberries from the fruit man on the way to work. So not cool.

But anyway back in the office I was today which I love. And aswell as returns today we were given the task of finding trends that have been coming in year after year for a fashion piece in the magazine. There are so so so many - lace, florals, 70's, minimalism, sportswear, romance - it's actually going to take us forever, but it will be pretty good to see our ideas be put into the magazine so that's something a little bit different for the day.

We had a new intern join us today called Georgia, we're going to end up like sardines in a tin, in our office if we carry on at this rate! But it does help with getting everything done, they must think we're so organised, I don't think anyone has ever seen our fashion cupboard as tidy as it is!

But just before lunch it was photo time, it's like that horrible feeling when it's school picture day. I hate having my picture taken, I always have and probably always will. So I decided to go after everyone else who had a few attempts before they were happy with theirs, I didn't even look at mine. I was never going to be happy with it so might aswell just save sometime and go with the first one.

As well as the intern photographs for LOOK's facebook page, the website do a LOOK loves feature where they take a picture of an item of clothing that the intern has picked out. As my love interest as of recent (The Topshop slit skirt maxi skirt) was out on a shoot I picked a pair of yellow peep toe heels from River Island. B-E-A-utiful! I want them. Actually I think I need them, and they looked lush with my palazzo trousers. Tough decision, I think not :)

I also spoke to the lady on features today about possibly going over there for a couple of days before my internship finishes which would be really good, although I'm not sure I'd enjoy it quite as much working on my own. I talk too much rubbish with the girls all day I'd find it too quiet working on my own. But we shall see what comes of that. But that's it for tonight, not quite as glamorous as yesterday but still a pretty good day in the life of an aspiring fashion writer. Night all xoxo

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