Friday, 1 July 2011

Models and High Fashion: Time for another Shoot...

So after all the excitement yesterday of finding out that I'm going to be helping out at London Fashion Week with LOOK, nothing that happened today was ever going to compare but as always I knew I was gonna have a good day and laughs with the girls.

I spent a couple of hours this morning going through all the old issues of LOOK and ordering them, may sound boring but with my slight tinge of OCD it was a pretty good job for me. As well it was weird seeing how different the magazine was back in 2007 when it started, vintage copies right there. It must be pretty cool to start up a magazine out of nothing and for it to be doing so well and be the number one selling fashion weekly 4 years on is awesome!

I also had to finish ringing round all the PR companies for pricing on clothes used in the shoot this week. Zara have some beautiful clothing coming into stock, especially their shoes and Dorothy Perkins too. Usually I'm not a massive fan of Dorothy Perkins but they've got some really nice colour block tops and bright coloured chinos which are bang on trend right now. Also the next item to be added to my shopping list is some deep red zip pocket skinny jeans from River Island, they are lush, love them. If any millionaires have been reading my blog, I hope you're taking note!

It was Georgia's last day interning with us today so we took a fair few pictures in the office. As always I just ended up pulling stupid faces and looking like an idiot. At least I've made an impression, not sure it's been a good one though haha.

There was a model casting today as well so I got to see all the stunning, skinny, massively tall models strutting their stuff down our office. Quite a lot of them were from Premier model which was quite cool after watching the television show 'The Model Agency' - it's weird to actually see the models from there in front of you. But they really are stunning, I felt very boring and unattractive next to those beauties.

Moving on from that no so fun thought, I've been asked to go on a shoot again on Monday which is awesome! It's a high fashion shoot which is an amazing opportunity as a lot of them are shot abroad so it's really unlikely to be able to intern on one, so I'm very very excited! This week has just been brilliant in terms of getting good news and doing exciting things.

I'm going to have had a pretty rounded experience when I've finished my time at LOOK in terms of getting to go on all the different types of shoots and doing different jobs around the office and interacting with all the team. I knew that it was going to be brilliant working on such a prestigious magazine but I had no idea I would have this much involvement so it's exceeded all my expectations - I'm a very happy girl :)

And tomorrow is moving house day so I better go hit the hay and get some sleep, night beauts xoxo

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