Monday, 27 June 2011

My Name's In The Magazine...

It's so so nice to be back in London, I can definitely see myself living here after university! It's all so fast paced I bloody love it!

So back into the office I went nice and early this morning, had a nice little catch up and goss with the girls. It's so good how well we all get on, it's like we've known each other for ages! I wasn't really sure what to expect of today, as last week was our first week it was all getting to know the ropes and what we were going to be doing and so I had no idea what to expect of this week.

We spent a couple of hours this morning clearing our office finishing off all the returns - will the fan on full blast may I add as it was so so so so SO hot today! I'm not complaining though as it's about time our summer started off! And we definitely took advantage of the beautiful weather by having our lunch out on the roof terrace, no sign of sunburn as of yet.

Also, I was filmed today for a piece for the website which they call "Friday Night Hair. So they have different models to showcase different hairstyles, and the features this week were for festival hair. I had a ribbon weaved into my fringe and pinned back which looked quite cool.

It was very strange being filmed in the studio though, the lights were so so bright and I didn't know whether to look at the camera, or into the background or up at the stylist. I bet I look like a right idiot in the video, but I guess we shall have to wait until Friday for that little gem, so be excited guys...

After this we had a really chilled out afternoon as we had completed all our returns, which I never though I'd be able to say when I saw what our office was like when we first started our internship. We were given this weeks magazines, which I've been really excited for to see the results of the shoot I assisted on last week, and it looks really good. It's pretty cool to be able to say I was part of putting that was together, I was a little proud I must admit.

The images in the magazine look really different to the actual photographs that I saw the day after the shoot though. One of them has been flipped around so it's the opposite to the original, and in one of the others the head has been swapped onto a different body. However very little if any photoshopping to the actual women has been done at all which personally I feel is really good as the women all looked amazing in their natural state. I much prefer when photographs look realistic to the reader rather than an image that could never be achieved in reality.

I was told this afternon that I'd be going on the High Street Hottest shoot tomorrow, which is the one I really wanted to get the opportunity to do so I'm really excited about that. It's always the bit I flick to straight away in the magazine to see what I should be spending my money on - I love it, so that's going to be awesome to work on, cannot wait! Lets hope this time though that I don't get lost on the way, my google map is stored safely in my bag ready for such an occasion.

So yeh, all in all I've had a pretty good day today, got a bit more involved with the magazine with the filming so that's great and I'm just so so psyched about the high street hottest shoot tomorrow I best go and sort out my outfit for the day - definitely something cool though as I was sweltering today in my little dress. So thats it for todays post then guys, I've popped on the pictures from the magazine below - sorry they're not great quality as only took them on my phone camera but I'm proud so here they are anyway :) xoxo

My name in the magazine! Probably was a bit too excited about this :)

Our second shot of the day - Miranda, celebrity lawyer (Karen Millen dress, H&M belt)

In the amazing conservatory with the canaries - Heather, writer for Lonely Planets (Topshop dress, per una belt)

 The shot with the shoes that I need to have in my life! - the lovely Alex, womenswear buyer for Selfridges, so so photogenic and a really nice woman (Acne dress, zara shoes) Had an amazing time on this shoot - loved every second and the results are awesome - a very happy intern :)

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