Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Another Way to Spend My Money..

Back in the office again today. We had another new intern, Rosie, join us today so our office is fully packed out again now. It's nice to have a new person join the group though, it keeps things fun and crazy, which is always good to have for a long day at work.

The office was so so tidy today, literally no returns at all today so it was just a dead chilled out relaxing day. Hannah set us the task of finding emerging mens brands to use for the LOOK websites LOOK loves men's section. If there are any men reading check out 'Pretty Green' at Green Label and also Steve Jones has designed for which are really reasonably priced. So ladies, any of your fellas birthdays coming up, check them out.

Me and Rosie also spent about two hours looking through magazines from 2007 til now to find some back issues and organise them a bit. Oh my God Cheryl Cole is on so so many of them! It is actually insane, she was on literally every one in three magazines. Too much Chezza going on.

After lunch I spent the majority of this afternoon on the phones, ringing round the PR companies to get the prices of all the clothes and accessories from my shoot yesterday. It's such a tease working on a main fashion shoot for LOOK. Because they're shot 6 or 7 weeks before they issue in the magazine the clothes that are used tend to be samples and are therefore not available in store. The Reiss dress I want hasn't even been priced up yet! Teasing me Reiss! Although my bank balance shall benefit from this.

Speaking of clothing that I want, the feather skirt which I have been going on about from Topshop is now available in a one shoulder dress.

I'm not sure about it as a dress. Don't get me wrong it's a stunning dress and I love the one shoulder but I'm not sure about the waist band. Maybe it's just me but an elasticated waist band always seems to make the top half droop down and just generally not be very flattering. I may have to try it on and see though as in terms of value for money, this dress is only £8 more than the skirt, and as the skirt is impossible to get hold of, I'll give it a try :)

Also, there's a beauty sale tomorrow at work which we actually cannot wait for. Honestly you have never seen a group of girls look forward to buying perfume and make up as much as we are about tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get a few bargains - Ooh the perks of working at a fashion mag, love it! And on that note I best be off to bed ready for a day of spending yet more money! Beautiful! xoxo

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