Thursday, 7 July 2011

Shopping, shopping, shopping...

Sorry about the lack of blog post yesterday, I went to the recording of Chris Moyles Quiz Night (which was absolutely hilarious fyi) so didn't get home until 11.30 by which point I was way too tired to sit and write my post. So this is a joint post of yesterday's and today's events so here we go.

Yesterday all the girls were back again, except the usual suspect (saying no names) didn't bother to turn up again. I hate to moan on, but this situation really annoys me, because hundreds of girls would kill for the chance to work at LOOK magazine and really appreciate the opportunity and this particular girl just doesn't even have the time of day to contact anyone as to why she isn't there. We got told that LOOK receives around 30 applications for internships everyday, so it really irritates me that someone else could really make the most of it and doesn't get the chance. Grrr.

Anyway rant over, and onto an exciting point which was the beauty sale at work today. I have never seen a group of women so crazy in one tiny room. Why it was decided to hold the beauty sale in the smallest room in the entire office I have absolutely no idea but anyway, boy were there some bargains! Grabbed myself £126 worth of bits for £11! Yeh that's right, £11! Pretty impressed with my bargain hunting there, including some Guess perfume, smashbox mineral powder and a nice bright red lipstick (my fave!)

After that little bit of excitement the rest of my working day was pretty chilled out, just ringing PR companies and sorting out returns. Our office is going to be so so full again as we are literally emptying the entire contents of the fashion cupboard now that all the shoots have been done. So for the next week we shall be very busy girls.

However, me and Alysia did get to finish at 5 today as we were going to the Chris Moyles Quiz Night recording! Very nice :) But standing outside in the cold for an hour and a half, I kind of wish I'd had that extra half hour in the office to store up some warmth. Though it was definitely so so worth it, absolutely hilarious and I cannot wait to see it on the tv (watch out for me, I will be in a couple of shots). But yes we all know the rest, late night, no blog post and off to bed.

As for today, I opted to wear heels, which I quickly regretted after the delay of my tube this morning resulting in me attempting to run through the underground without slipping over - I'm sure you'll agree, a lot more difficult in heels than a good ol' pair of Primark flip flops. So not a great start to the day, but anyway back in the office with the girls it was never going to be a bad day.

It did go pretty slow however as we were pretty much just doing returns today, and like absolute novice's completely forgot to put the radio on - although the amount of times I heard The Wanted's new song and 'Changed the way you kissed me', I kind of wish we'd never put it on in the first place!

We also spent a large part of the day being massively jealous that Rosie was going to be sauntering down the red carpet of the premiere to see the new Harry Potter film tonight! So so SO jealous! There's just a little something about Rupert Grint that I wouldn't mind :) So definitely looking forward to all the goss on that bad boy tomorrow!

And on that note that is pretty much how our day ended - watching the live streaming of the Harry Potter premiere in our office, and then I was off for a nice little shopping trip with Karen in Oxford Street. Probably the most exciting part of my day, yes I am aware I have a shopping addiction so moving on from that. Got myself a few little gems - a nice little playsuit from Miss Selfridge, a pair of shorts from Zara and these absolute beauties...

Nom nom nom, thank you very much Miss Selfridge :)

And on that beautiful little note I shall bid you all goodnight, as it's way past my bedtime and I've got to pack to be heading back to Southampton tomorrow. So night all, sleep well, and thanks for tuning in again. xoxo

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