Monday, 4 July 2011

Stylist Assistant Take Three...

Photoshoot day!!!!!!!!! If you couldn't tell by the over usage of exclamation marks, I was very excited about today. So much so that the one time I managed to get up and leave the house on time, on arrival at the tube station I realised that somewhere along the way I had dropped my oyster card and therefore had to trace my steps all the way back to where I dropped it, which of course was right outside the house. Where else.

But anyway I only got lost a little bit on the way to todays shoot, I'm getting better. My sense of direction definitely needs to improve if I plan to live in London full time. But I made it in the end, and when I got there a yummy breakfast was awaiting me. That is another good thing about going on shoots, the food is amazing!

Today's shoot was the one I was most looking forward to out of all the ones I've done so far. Just because it is the biggest one, it's the main fashion spread of the entire magazine so for me that's a really big deal to get the opportunity to work on so I feel very lucky to have been asked to do it.

Apart from Hannah, today's team was all new people who I had never met before which is always fun and they were lovely. Everyone should check out Jose Bass on twitter - our make up artist on today's shoot. The eye make up he did today was stunning, loved it, so hit him up - @josebassmakeup

Our model today - wow! I would kill for her legs, they just went on forever, she was stunning! Actually, if I'm honest with you I would just kill for her figure in general. Maybe if I actually started eating vegetables rather than the constant flow of carbs that I do I could have a figure more like that. Definitely not her height though. Lets face it, I am a shorty for life.

Anyway I fulfilled my beautiful clothes search yet again today and added another 10 or so items to my shopping list when I finally have money again! And found some beautiful Carvela shoes which would match perfectly with my bridesmaid dress, although not sure Mum will go for that one.

But yeh we got some amazing shots today. Anastasija, our model for today was just brilliant, she knew exactly what she was doing, had amazing positioning and just overall looked amazing. The aim of the shoot was to show how you can still be sexy when its autumn and you have to cover up a bit more. So dropping the hemline but still flashing a bit of flesh.

I don't want to give away too many details, you'll have to buy the issue which will be out mid August for that, but I will say that we had a beautiful BEAUTIFUL dress from Reiss and some Dune shoes which were definitely stylists fave of the day, loved them. Lots of stores have got some gorgeous stock due to come in during this season, it's definitely prime shopping time over these next couple of months starting to put together your winter wardrobe. Also, inside knowledge, Dorothy Perkins will surprise you with a few smashers in the next coming weeks so keep an eye out.

The set itself was bright coloured backdrops and material sprayed like shiny latex, and leather look chairs - it just had a really sexy chic feel to it, very boudoir boutique. Going on these shoots and seeing how everything comes together, aswell as teaching me a lot of things, it's also made me really look forward to my styling and photography module at uni this coming year. I definitely feel more interested in the fashion styling aspect of the industry now. I was always dead set on fashion feature writing but I'm really enjoying what I'm doing now, a lot more than I anticipated I would.

So overall I had a pretty amazing day. Had a laugh with all the team, used some beautiful clothes, and got some awesome shots which I cannot wait to see in the magazine! I'll be framing that one on my bedroom wall, I loved it that much. I love my internship! I really don't think I could have asked for better - I genuinley do feel very lucky to have this opportunity and also a little proud of myself for pushing myself to do it. Worth every penny, every second and I just love it. Watch out London cus I'm planning on sticking around a while. xoxo

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