Sunday, 3 July 2011

Moving In Day...

I moved into my new house yesterday. I never understood why people always say that moving is house is stressful – It’s exciting and fun, but a little stressful.
For a start, I couldn’t believe how much crap I’d collected over the 9 months I’ve lived in halls. It’s unreal to see how much stuff I had managed to cram into that tiny room – 3 suitcases, 1 box, 12 bags and a laundry bin full of stuff. Crazy!
I collected the keys and went straight to the house after work. I wish I had moved in on the same day as the rest of my housemates though, it would have made the whole experience a bit more fun – plus they wouldn’t have had the chance to throw my mattress down the stairs. Wasn’t even living there yet and my room was already being abused. Typical.
 It’s very different to how I remember it, I was pleasantly surprised by my bedroom though which is good. It definitely needed a good tidy and a bit of tlc, so off to Ikea we went. The sale was on so that was pretty damn lucky. Got a bedside table for £1.27 – right bargain! Although the chest of drawers I wanted was sold out (a little strop was had at this point). Also Ikea hot dogs are brilliant! 50p! This shop is just full of bargains!!!
When we got back, me and Mum left Lee to assemble all the flat pack furniture and went for a wander into town. And got lost. I literally have no sense of direction so moving to the opposite side of town has just confused me even further – although when we finally figured out the way it’s very close and the train station is at the bottom of my road so that’s bloody brilliant!
I had no idea though how much furniture and buying things for a house costs. I don’t know what I would have done for furniture if Ikea did not exist or Argos actually. Got my lovely Cath Kidston like duvet cover from there for a mere £12.99, pretty J
So after maxing out my overdraft it was definitely time for a cuppa and chocolate, and then Lee and Mummy left me on my tod so I got started sorting out my room and unpacking all the copious amounts of things that I have collected along the way.
5 and a half hours later it was done. 5 and a half hours! It was so worth it though, it looks so cute and cosy, I love it. All it needs now is a good carpet shampoo and nice fluffy rug and all my photos printed off and I’m sorted. Just need everyone else to get here now and it will be a proper home. Bring on September.

My Cute Little Bedroom :)

My bargain Cath Kidston like duvet <3

Aaaand bargain IKEA furniture :) All beautifully organised. I love it.

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