Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Annoying Term That Is Smart/Casual...

If you're a regular reader of my blog (if so, thank you), then you'll know that I don't usually go along with the whole fashion 'what im wearing today' style kinda blog. Now don't get me wrong I absolutely love those kind of blogs, I follow an obscene amount of them, but if I'm quite honest I just don't think thats my kind of scene. I tend to only dress up if im going for a night out, or having a drink with the girls, or for a special occasion. On my normal days of lounging around and occasionally wandering into uni, I tend to dress for comfort. Jeans and a tee is my number one go to option. Every day I tell myself that I really should make more of an effort as you never know who you could bump into, but it always ends the same - it's cold outside, the lecture halls use air conditioning no matter what the season and I want my feet to be nice and toasty in my slightly battered but nevertheless warm and cosy ugg boots.

I'm slightly detracting from what was just meant to be a little explanation of why I'm doing this - but basically the jist of that ridiculously long paragraph is that I love fashion and beautiful clothes, I just don't tend to make enough effort each day to keep my blog maintained in a 'What I'm Wearing' kind of way. However, I thought I'd pop up a few photos of when I was at work experience. I should have done this way back in the summer when I worked at LOOK. I remember before I went, not only being nervous about working for a magazine and meeting loads of new people, but I had nothing 'Smart/Casual' to wear. And quite frankly, I will never fully understand that term. "You must dress smart/casual, but jeans are fine" - in what world are jeans smart. Don't get me wrong, after a few 10 hour days in heels I was bloody glad I was in jeans and not a dress, but lets be honest, jeans are never smart.

So yes, when my second lot of work experience for YOU magazine approached, I realised I was in the exact same predicament again. Yes I had smart/casual from LOOK, but 1. It had been 2 seasons since then and working in fashion I knew I had to represent the new, and 2. It was a cold week in February, not a scorching week in June. So here we go, for anyone who wants a little insight into what is considered smart/casual in a fashion office, have a little peek. Also I apologise for the quality of these images, I do not own a working camera and I stayed in halls for a week which of course we all know means no full length mirrors.

 Metallic Scallop Edge Top, River Island, £30
Dark Wash Skinny Fit Jeans, New Look, £20

 Beige Zip Up Heels, New Look, £25

 Thought I'd include an image of my first ever attempt at using a bun ring - I did get better, literally wear my hair like this every single day now. Beaut. Get yours from primark now, £2

 White and Black Button Up Blouse, Primark, £10
Dark Wash Skinny Fit Jeans, New Look, £20

 Sometimes a feel a little washed out with my hair up if I don't have some lippy on. Bright reds are my all time fave. This one is Loreal Paris color riche boosting serum in 'true red', £8.69, but if you wanna splash out, hit up the new sensuous rouge shades by Estee Lauder, £20- you will love them!

 The much sought after Studded Slipper, Topshop, £28

 Flesh Toned Bow Up Jumpsuit, River Island, £60 (although snapped up in the sale at £20!!!)

 Striped Belt Waist Dress, Republic, £25

 Originally I had planned on wearing this bare legged and with brown wedges, however the weather turned out to be absolutely freezing outside so I was left with no other option than tights and the studded slippers.

And on Friday, typical for student halls there was a fire alarm at 7am so I was frantically rushing around getting ready and did not have time to take a picture. But I went for a simple maxi dress, teamed up with some gold jewellery, the statement bun, and of course - a bit of red lippy
Black Maxi Dress, Topshop, £26

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