Sunday, 19 February 2012

Let's Get Lippy...

So I'm casually sat in Starbucks in Waterloo station, with the biggest cup of tea you have ever seen, bursting for a wee but refusing to pay 30p for the privilege, and absolutely bored off my tits. Queue a blog post. I feel like a proper little Londoner, sat in a coffee shop blogging. Loving it. Anyway enough chit chat, I'll get straight to it.

As you may have guessed from my last post, I am a bit of a fan of Company magazine, and their beauty section is exactly where my inspiration for this post came from. Now I'm not the most adventurous of people when it comes to make-up. I tend to just bung some powder on my cheeks and a bit of mascara on the old lashes and rush out the door, on a night out i might throw on a bit of lippy and eye liner but that's about as far as it goes. However looking through various beauty pages, and ambling through the aisles at Boots makes me realise just how much I'm missing out on!

I mean how frickin cool are these! Lip foils, ingenious! These particular awesome bits of creation are by Glitzy Lips and retail at £29.95 - little more than a high brand lipstick and include enough foil roll to do 40 lips, a brilliant investment. You just paint the primer on your lips, place a piece of foil on top, press down firmly and then rip off. With the foil only sticking to where you applied the primer it gives you your perfect lip shape, an aspect which I feel is going to overtake the fuss of my next product - Violent Lips.

For my styling project at uni I wanted to investigate a bit with make-up on my model and when I saw these on twitter (and on offer at ASOS) I had to give them a go. Once on I think they look pretty cool, but boy are they fussy! As you can see from the top picture there are two separate transfers for each lip. You remove them from their packaging, and trim each down to match the size and shape of your lips using the guide on the reverse. Once this is done you place on your lip, using a cotton ball cover in water and hold in place for 30 seconds and slowly remove the backing. Fussy aye. Violent lips also offer a tutorial for those having a little trouble at In a range of colours and patterns, retailing at £10 for 3 sets on ASOS, I'd recommend giving them a go. Give yourself some extra time to get ready, but they're great to set yourself apart from the crowd on a night out. 

I saw this image when I went to the Fashion and Textile museum in London a couple of weeks ago and I bloody love it. This particular image was taken by Matthew Lever backstage at the A/W '06 Prada show in Milan. It may well have been 6 years ago, but even then they were rocking creativity in make-up and I'm just loving it. Really subtle but hugely effective aswell, it could easily blend straight from a day in the office to a night out on the tiles. I'm definitely gonna give this a go for a night out soon, knowing me it will all go tits up, but I have to have a try! 

And last but definitely not least, how bloody cute is this! I have no idea what kind of function I would adorn my lips with this little panda, but I want to find one! Just apply a white lipstick to the upper and lower lips and draw on the detail with a black liquid eyeliner. It's as easy as that! I wonder what other animals could be transferred to a good old pucker up accessory. Hmmmm.

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