Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dresses of the Moment...

This always happens. Every single time when I return to uni after the holidays, nights out become bi weekly if not tri weekly and you need a new dress/outfit for each occassion. My bank balance is not a huge fan of this regular occurence but you only get to do uni once and you want the pictures to be frickin immense so why not!

This brings me on to the topic of this post - dresses. Topshop and Miss Selfridge are always my go to establishments for something banging to wear on a night out. I'm generally a fan of the more fitted dress/playsuit. I hate things that bag around the waist or hips as it just makes me look so much bigger than I am, which I'm sure you'll agree girls is never ever good!

So browsing the internet today these are my 4 favourite dresses right now. 2 of which I have already ordered, the other two which are on my mind frequently to do so.

So as you can probably see, bold prints and dip hems are my two favourite trends right now. Completely opposing styles, but both absolutely stunning as far as I am concerned.

I've loved the cosmos print dress for aaages now, and after seeing someone wearing it out last night it has been reaffirmed in my mind just how stunning it is. With a cut out back it gives an even more sexy edge, but also being just that bit different with the print. I hate going out and looking exactly the same as everyone else in the club so this dress is perfect for me, and at under £40 it is just within my budget.

Now the coral chiffon bandeau dress is a little more dressy than what I would typically look for in a going out dress, but my friend has her sport awards next week and wants us to all go really dressy, so I think this is perfect. I love the colour and will keep it really simple with a pair of black cut out wedges and co ordinating black and coral bangles. It is also available in a really pale pink, almost cream, and black for those who prefer to be a little less bold. The cinching in under the chest and on the waist keeps the dress flattering whilst not being fitted all the way down which is exactly what I look for, so hopefully this shall be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. 

The aztec stripe dress from Topshop is definitely my fave of the three. I love the mixture of colours and the bold pattern, and it's just stunning. I've got a couple of other dresses in this style from Topshop and they come up quite long on me which is why I've selected it in a petite so that it is just that little bit shorter, although is available in normal length for those a little taller. Not only is it an incredibly amazing dress, it's only £29! £29 from Topshop! You struggle to get a nice blouse for that in there, so this bad boy went in my basket straight away. I absolutely adore it, so cannot wait for it to arrive on my doorstep!

And last but not least another little dip hem beauty. Simple, easy to wear colours make this the perfect dress for all occasions - night on the town, wedding, meal with the family - it's just a beautiful dress. The racer style straps mean a strapless bra is definitely a must have with this dress! At £42 it's a lot less expensive than the Topshop dip hem dress, and well worth the pennies as I'm sure it will get a hell of a lot of wear out of it!

So there's my pick of dresses available now online, so grab them whilst you still can. If anyone has seen a particularly stunning dress they'd like to bring to my attention give me a little comment - always want to know of new styles and emerging trends, not sure my bank balance will thank you quite as much though.

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