Sunday, 29 April 2012

Want want want...

I have wanted this incredible Aqua laso skirt ever since I interned at LOOK magazine and saw one of the fashion team there in it. It's an absolute beaut. Rubber coated black high waisted skater skirt - nothing else quite like it anywhere!

But no matter how hard I have tried everytime I get notified it's back in stock, it's already gone straight back out in my size. So on the lookout for another I now cannot take my mind of a similar little item in River Island.

After a trip into West Quay shopping centre at the beginning of the week, I absolutely fell in love with a skirt. £25 - which in my eyes is a bloody bargain in River Island, absolutely stunning skirt and it will look incredible day or night. It's just perfect. However, the next day the store were having 20% off all their stock for students so I decided to hold off until then.

Much to my annoyance I was ill that day and have not had a chance to get into town since, and I will literally bawl my eyes out if I cannot get my hands on this bad boy, and I'm sure after seeing this you'll feel the same!

Although the above image is in navy, the skirt in store is also offered in black (the one I want) but sold out almost instantly online! I absolutely adore it. I would lose the belt straight away and replace it with a thin black belt with a gold buckle - a little more understated and simple.

It's a beautiful material, really flattering shape - cinching in at the waist and flowing out over the thighs, it will suit all shapes and sizes of women. I actually do really like the navy version, I just feel black will be a little more versatile in terms of what it will match with.

This style skirt is about everywhere at the moment, on celebrities such as The Saturdays Mollie King, Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens! I think I've gone on enough about my adoration for this skirt so I'll leave you to make up your own opinions, and if anyone has seen any others in a similar style to this then leave me a little comment!

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