Monday, 28 May 2012

Birthday Wishes...

We all know when it gets to that time of year. Birthday. Which is ridiculously exciting up until about 18, bores down at 19 and 20, gets hugely exciting once again for 21 and then is just crap for the rest of eternity and needs not to be acknowledged.

I am about to hit the 20th birthday mark, and I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this occassion. Don't get me wrong I love birthdays! Absolutely love them. You get to dress up and have a wicked night out, see family that you haven't seen for ages, and get some prezzies for just being you. Brilliant right.

But the thing I'm not loving about this particular birthday is the age. 20. No longer a teenager but not quite an adult, I'm in age limbo. I live my life as if I am going to be at university forever and I'm not really sure what I will do when I don't have that as my comfort blanket. The thought of having to actually decide what I want to do with my life terrifies me greatly. I plan to work for a year when I graduate and then travel, sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Sun (which lets face it, we rarely get in England), meeting new people, and travelling the world. What's not to love!

But back to the point of birthdays. They've always been exciting and I feel like such a party pooper that I'm not actually that excited for this years. I'm getting old before my time, quite literally! I feel like at 20 I should be a grown up. My Mum was married at that age, I don't even have a boyfriend - so that's not exactly a great start. It just seems like everyone is in a rush to grow up so fast and then when they get there it's not what they expected. That's how I feel anyway.

Saying that, I'd be happy to skip right over to my 21st birthday, big party, lots of presents and travelling America for a month. Now THAT sounds like my kind of birthday. 20 just seems like a bit of a meh age. Saying that I am really looking forward to having a crazy night out with the girls, dressing up in my BEAUT birthday dress (I went for the River Island one, check out blog post here) and just having a right laugh.

However, like I mentioned before presents are one of the highlights of birthdays, we all know it! So here is what shall be going on my list this week, Mummy and Daddy if you're reading - take note...


I've loved this playsuit for a while now, the crochet back is so cute and summery. It will just be perfect for a lazy day in the sun or even with a pair of wedges for a few drinks in the pub garden if the sun sticks around. 

My friend swears by MAC make up and I've never really seen the attraction until I tried this powder. It is incredible! It sets your make up perfectly on your face, making it look really matte without drying the skin out at all. It may seem a little expensive for powder but it lasts for a good 3 months and is a must have in beauty bag!

I NEED a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's in my life, and I think faking it is the only way that this has a chance of happening. A simple black pair will do me nicely, teamed with a dress of a just a pair of jeans. I just need them. A girl can never have too many shoes, end of.

These shorts are just adorable. I wanted the same style in a slightly darker blue a while back, but Topshop only had them in petite, and unfortunately me derrier does not allow for such a size. These however, in a regular will be perfect. On the beach with my bikini, these are not just for my birthday list, but holiday too. I adore them.

Topshop jewellery is just beaut right now, I want a ridiculous amount of it. Hand harnesses/chains and ear cuffs are my thing right about now. They are just awesome, I love them. With the ear cuffs I buy two of them and then cut off the cuff on one so the stud matches the cuff. I have a pet hate of un matching earrings, bad. But yes, here's hoping that I have these as birthday stocking fillers. My body needs adorning with lots of beautiful jewellery!


  1. Thank you for your comment sweet, happy birthday!! You should sooo get those massive chunky black heels, they're awesome. i now have bloglovin so am following you on that, hope you can follow me back on bloglovin too. Lots of love xx

  2. Ah I love them. I'm waiting for them to come back in in my size and then my Dad shall be getting a phone call! Haha.

    I've been lusting over your hair this afternoon, wish mine was long enough to ombre, it looks lush!

    And yes I'm following you on Bloglovin doll :)

  3. I absolutely love these shoes lou! Definitely need to start saving for my summer wardrobe.
    Ive just done a blog post and tagged you in it- have a look its something different