Thursday, 20 September 2012


Today's post comes in the form of last nights outfit, as once again I've spent today either in my work uniform or in my pyjamas and slipper socks - which, as cosy as they are, don't make for a very exciting blog post. Plus, last night I went to see Michael McIntyre (absolutely hilarious btw) - so I tried to look a little bit presentable for once...

Peplum Top - Topshop, £24 (Available Online Now)
Necklace - Topshop, £8.50 (Available In-Store Now)
Jacket - Topshop
Jeans - Primark, £11 (Available In-Store Now)
Shoes - Primark, £6 (Available In-Store Now)

Like I've mentioned before probably manyatime - I really adore peplums. On tops and dresses. As of recent I really like white too. I've been on the lookout for a nice white dress for nights out, but no luck as of yet, so if any of you lovely readers spot anything you think I will like please leave me a comment. 

Now this jacket was an absolute bargain. £20 in the Topshop sale and I'm surprised it's not fallen to pieces the amount I wear it. I need to get more like this as it's my only kind of 'in-between seasons jacket' if you will. Too warm for winter coats, too cool for no jacket, so this is perfect. Plus the cinching in at the waist makes it very flattering for my figure which is always good!

Classic and understated was the aim. Slick of red lipstick and job's a good'un. Though that is another thing before I sign off, if anyone knows of a really deep red/plum lipstick please let me know as my fave Elizabeth Arden one has been discontinued just as my current one has ran out. Typical. So yeh, thanks girls, let me know and keep me informed of what you think.

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