Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Trying Something New

Now. After abandoning my blog for much too long, I've decided the only way to ensure that I keep it up is to set myself a target that is in every way achievable. So after being inspired by one of my favourite blog 'Heidi-Likes' (check it out, it is amazing!) - I am going to do a 'What I'm Wearing Today' post everyday, for the next fortnight and see what kind of response I get from my followers. 

I've been a bit hit and miss with my blog over the last few posts. I originally started out as a fashion blog, posting wish lists, things I'd bought and trends that I was liking. However, since writing and being at uni, I've discovered this is not really what I enjoy and column writing is much more my thing. Saying this, the amount of hours I have been doing at work, and trying to keep in touch with family and friends at the same time, I have been left with very little time to be inspired enough to get home and write about anything other than moaning about men. Or work. Or both. 

So before I begin to ramble on about one of the above, hopefully these next two weeks will get the ball rolling and get me back into writing about what I love. So here goes, and please give me feedback because you lovely readers are ultimately what keeps my blog up and going. So thanks for sticking with me despite my lack of motivation and I hope you enjoy this...

Shirt - River Island, £28 (Available Now In-Store)
Belt - ASOS
Hand Chain - Topshop
Black High Shine Tube Pants - River Island, £30 (Available Now Online)
Vectra Canvas Studded Slippers - Topshop, £28 (Available Now Online)

Today's outfit is the result of a slightly excessive shopping spree yesterday, largely down to a 20% off voucher for River Island thanks to Company magazine. I've wanted some disco pants for ages and these ones fit me lovely and are really comfortable. I like that they are thick enough to wear with a shorter length top if I want to, as theres nothing I hate more than short length tops with leggings that show off everything. 

I just love the pattern of this shirt and the cute detailing on the pockets cinched it for me. I'm a little funny about things fitting properly and as this shirt is oversized, I just used the belt to give me a bit more of a shape, however it does look nice and casj just hanging loosely.

And lastly, my fave thing ever - the Topshop shoes. This is my second pair of these as I wear them literally everyday. I've got a bit of a thing for studs at the moment, so these are bang on and just ridiculously comfy. I love them. 


  1. LOVE the disco pants!
    I really need to buy a pair of these!
    whole outfit looks really nice too :)

    Jess x

  2. Thank you! RI do them in a bright blue as well that I really want!

  3. Really?! Thats even more what sort of colour ive been looking for! Ill probaly end up getting both on payday even though I shouldn't!
    Thanks for doing this post you've really helped ive been looking ages for a good pair! Ill be definatley keeping an eye on your blog for the next two weeks to see what your outfits will be like :D

    Jess x

  4. Ah they are beaut, I love them. Tell me about it, I've only just had payday and my list of clothes to buy is racking up fast for the next one!

    Ah good, glad you like it. Thank you, I'll try and get some good ones together!


  5. You are such a darling, thank you so much for linking me in your post :) can't wait to see your outfits in posts to come! You look great x