Thursday, 11 October 2012


Despite in my last post I said that the outfit I was wearing would be my last batch of new clothing, true to form I went back on that straight away. Today may have been the day for an accidental small shopping spree. The aim was to buy a nice dress for my friends 22nd birthday and go home drink tea and watch crappy TV being pleased with my willpower to avoid the shops. That's not quite what happened...

From left to right, top to bottom...
Printed Dress - Topshop, £26 (Available Online Now)
Studded Wedges - River Island, WERE £60 N0W £30 (Available Online Now)
Playsuit - Topshop, £48 (Available Online Now)
Studded Clutch Bag - Primark, £6 (Available In-Store Now)

Me and my friend both picked up this printed dress in Topshop the other day and much to my disappointing I had left my bank card at home so she got there first. However after getting it home she did not like it which left the doors wide open for me and my shopping addiction to grab it with both hands. I love cut out items which you'll also see appear in the playsuit, and burgundy is one of my favourite colours so this was just a must have purchase. The only slight downside is that due to the style it comes up extremely big so I've had to go down two sizes to what I usually would be.

Now the shoes. The shoes were a naughty buy. I should not have got them. I've got plenty of shoes. But they were half price in the sale, and they were last pair, and they were in my size. It's like it was fate. Plus they are a very different style to any other shoes I have, and lets face it, a girl can never have too many shoes!

I adore this playsuit. This is the item for my friends birthday so I don't mind spending a little bit more than usual. I wanted something nice and dressy but not too formal and this is perfect. I like it's simplicity and elegance and it makes my legs look ridiculously long. The backless aspect just made me love it even more, although may make finding a bra rather difficult. But I really do not care, I love it!

And lastly, I've needed a black clutch bag for aaaaages and at £6 I just grabbed it. Studs feature heavily in my wardrobe so it just seemed like a simple idea. Despite the fact I actually need a black bag with gold on rather than silver for the birthday outfit, this will be perfect for just about every single night out other than that.

So there we have it, my extremely unnecessary splurge for the week. I will refrain from spending anymore money next week. I will...

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  1. awww that's what happens to me too everytime i actually plan to shop for gifts, i end up buying things for myself. great finds btw!