Thursday, 18 October 2012

Food Glorious Food...

So this week has just been crazy mad already and we're only just over half way through, I am literally so shattered that I may need to result to keeping my eyes open with cocktail sticks at some point during this blog post.

However, back to the topic in hand. Yesterday, at a ridiculously early hour of the morning which should never be seen by any human being ever, myself and a few of my course mates made a trip down to Ascot to cover Sodexo's Salon Culinaire event as part of our freelancing course at uni. Woah now, I have NEVER seen so much food all available under one roof in my life. Chocolate, pizza, cake, pasta, fish, meat, cheese, olives, pastries, sandwiches, wraps, biscuits, vitamin water, relentless, coffee - literally everything. 

So from left to right, top to bottom...

I have never been to Ascot before, and had no idea what to expect whatsoever. Everything we went to was inside the building, which was good as it was bloody cold outside. But it was crazy how much they had packed into the rooms, absolutely crazy. So much food, so many people - so much going on in one space, you really did not know where to look!

Now this lovely hippo creation right here, is in fact a cake! There were so many incredible cakes, from a burger and chips one, to a dracula coffin one - much better than the old Victoria Sponge your Mum whacks out on the weekend. They really were amazing. But this one in particular was made by a lovely lady by the name of Sharon Ann Riley, and she did so so well in all her competitions yesterday, but this was her gold winner - all inspired by the hippos on the BBC advert, pretty damn impressive if you ask me. I don't know if I could ever bring myself to eat it though, it's much too pretty. Jumping onto the last photograph, this bad boy was also a hot contender in the cake competition. I love it, it's so so brilliant - I definitely don't have the patience for anything of this standard, I get fed up waiting for pasta to boil. Definitely not going to become a chef anytime soon...

Probably one of my favourite pictures of the day is Yas and Rachel just shoving as many vegetables as they can into this huge sack. Why? I really have no idea, we are students, and we can't bare to see food go to waste - however, I can almost guarantee that these will be rotting in the bin come the end of the week, they aren't really any match to a good old McDonalds! 

My amazing toasted marshmallow latte! Yummy! I'm not a massive coffee fan but this was amazing. As a trained barista myself, I loved watching them make all these new coffees that I'd never tried before - egg nog, gingerbread, and chilli. Yes that's right, chilli. I wasn't brave enough to try that one, but each to their own aye. 

I shovelled so so much cake into my face yesterday, I do not know how I didn't turn into a cake, I really don't. Chocolate tart, raspberry mousse, and blueberry mousse cake just to name a few. And the cute little tapas boards to the side, full of chorizo and prawns looked amazing. It's such a shame we weren't allowed to eat the food from the competitions after the judges had tucked in because everything just looked so yummy. The pasta carbonara in particular - heaven in a bowl!

Yay Christmas, and yay chocolate. This stand was literally a chocaholics heaven, and the chocolate mousse the lady served - to die for! Sodexo cater for my university cafeteria and they definitely need to get that little treat on the go, I might end up the size of a house, but boy I'd be one chocolately satisfied woman!

Ahhhh yes, read it (see it) and weep. We met the lovely Matt Dawson, ex England rugby captain, TV regular, and food lover. Matt is the ambassador of Sodexo, helping to raise awareness of health and well being, and during his speech seemed very passionate about that, despite being slightly upset that he was beaten at the Great Omelette challenge. Brilliant fun, and a great guy to interview - really friendly and funny and gave us some great quotes for our magazine!

All in all, a very long, but great day - filled with food and laughs and I bit the bullet and did my first interview. Proud.

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