Monday, 22 October 2012

Wish Wish Wish...

Again, apologies for no posts this weekend, I've been mad busy at work and looking after baba I literally could not tear myself away. Hopefully that will be rectified this weekend, but we shall see.

It's been a while since I've done a wish list post so I thought I'd whack one out today. Especially after realising just how little expendable money I have for the rest of this term, so everything from now until Christmas will be merely a wish.

Leather Skater Skirt - Missguided, £21.99 (Available Online Now)
Lace Shell Top - Topshop, £16 (Available Online Now)
Owl Vest - Missguided, £9.99 (Available Online Now)
Skull Embellished Sweater - Topshop, £38 (Available Online Now)
Faux Fur Collar Cardigan - River Island, £50 (Available Online Now)

I think I need a skater skirt in my life if I'm honest with you. Definitely more of a case of need rather than wish, but anyway, it's pretty ace. I originally favoured the River Island version, but am not sure on the wet look of it. It kind of makes it look a bit cheap and shiny and I'm not a big fan of that - so this matte version is perfect. It's so cheap also that it definitely makes it preferable to RI!

I love just shoving on a t shirt with a pair of jeans, I'm very lazy in the mornings before uni so I think this would be perfect thrown on with my leather jacket, jeans and uggs - nice and cosy for winter. The lace makes it just that little more pretty but still keeping the comfort of the cotton tee. Nice.

Again, just a nice plain top. Under a tenner from Missguided, but with my disco pants I think I could rock this on a night out as well as said above thrown on with some jeans. Easy peasy, need I say more!?

I LOVE WINTER! Other than the snow and the fact that it means Christmas is coming - it also means cosy lovely warm jumpers and cardigans and coats - my favourite things ever to shop for! As we all know I love a bit of embellishment and skulls are a pretty big feature within my wardrobe at the moment so this is ideal really. In typical Topshop style it is a little overpriced for what it is, but nevertheless it will be going on my Christmas list if it's still hanging around by then - though unfortunately I anticipate it will not. 

But lastly, probably my favourite of the entire piece, this beautiful faux fur collar cardi, oh my God I love it! Cream - good, faux fur - good, cosy long warm cardi - GOOD! Ah it's stunning, I want it in my life. With my uggs and just a burn out white tee underneath with a long gold statement necklace this would be the ideal winter snuggle up. Such a shame about the £50 price tag - I MUST be good and resist temptation. But if I don't, which I 99.9% wont, this will be the first purchase! Yum!

The shop windows are beautiful at the moment, so I'm sure all you ladies won't be finding any trouble spending your money in there - please share with me any little gems and favourites that you might find. You know I will be intrigued...

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