Sunday, 28 October 2012

New Style...

I am writing this post almost falling asleep on my bedroom floor, after an absolutely mad, hectic, loooooong weekend at work - and still a 5.45am alarm on the horizon. However I decided this week that I wanted a change. So thought i'd vent this rant/series of ideas to all you lovely readers.

I am bored. I get bored of things way too easily. And right now I am just bored of the way I look, so I've decided now is time for a change. A new year is just around the corner and I'm determined to make the most of things and just forget about being too serious and do exactly what I want. Well to a certain extent anyway.

The thought of leaving uni and needing to be an adult, and get an adult job, and an adult house, and an adult life just scares me. I want to be a student forever, and go travelling around the world, and live abroad and just experience as much of life as possible without being a boring old office worker. I'm so not down for that.

However theres not much I can do about that right now so I'll stick with my appearance. If you know me at all, you will know I change my hair colour quite a lot - and now I want to change it again. I'm a nice plum colour at the moment and I absolutely love it, but the ends fade so quickly and it's driving me insane so I think now is time for a change. Ever since TOWIE's Lucy Mecklenburgh went caramel (not blonde, caramel) - it has made me really want to give it a go.

I was blonde way back in the day but definitely over did it on the bleach, but I think teamed up with my blue eyes, a caramel blonde might be quite nice, if done right. Plus I've wanted bonded hair extensions for aaaaaages, so heads up to my family - vouchers for the hairdressers will be much appreciated in my Christmas stocking.

The only thing I fear may be a problem will be my complexion and make up choices - bbloggers help me out. I'm a soft beige foundation shade so that in itself should be ok, though I think I'll have to add a little bronzer in just so I don't look too washed out. But I LOVE lipstick. Red lipstick to be exact. Bright shades, dark shades, plum shades, matte, shiny, all of them (especially the above - adoreeee!) I'm on the look out for a really deep red that will look good with relatively pale skin and caramel hair so if anyone has any recommendations hit me up.

Are any of you lovely ladies looking at doing a christmas make over? Any suggestions will be glady taken, but something needs to be done. New year, new look, it's only logical.

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